eBay launches a new smartphone trade-in service with instant payouts

eBay today announced a new instant sales program for smartphones, which allows users to register their existing phone with the platform and receive an eBay gift voucher immediately. eBay says it offers higher return rates than Gazelle, EcoATM, AT & T Trade-in, Apple Give Back and Verizon Trade-in.

For 64GB unlocked iPhone X, for example, $ 490 for Gazelle, $ 260 for EcoATM, $ 450 for AT & T Trade-In, $ 525 for Apple Give Back, and Verizon Trade In You can get up to $ 500. eBay rates iPhone X at $ 679.

For the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S8, you can get $ 185 through Gazelle, $ 85 through EcoATM, $ 180 through AT & T Trade-in, and $ 185 through Verizon. (Apple does not accept the S8.) EBay offers $ 271.

It looks like eBay is paying more for both devices. However, you need to shop to determine where your phone is most likely to be available.

Apple iPhone 6S 16GB ~ iPhone X 256GB

We will add T-Mobile, Sprint, Google Pixel and some LG products in November. . If you want to know what your device is on eBay, please visit ebay.com/s/phone and enter your device information. If you continue with the following steps, you will be prompted to upload your photos and you agree to the terms and conditions for providing the device to eBay. The company has released a video showing how the service works. You can see below.

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