Top 35 Easy Pokemon to Draw in 2021

Pokemon is easy to draw due to its design, and many designs are similar, so if you learn a few, you can draw a lot. Here is the list of top 35 Easiest Pokemon to Draw in 2020, this list allows you to start in the leisure time or have a good time.

Very simple Pokemon like Ditto, Snorlax and Voltorb can of course be avoided. This list still focuses on fairly complex Pokemon shapes that are easy to draw.

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Easy Pokemon to Draw in 2020

If you’re a Pokemon fan, you’ll love drawing a few little animals. Even for adults, painting is a relaxing past time rewarding in many ways. Fans want to see good art even when they start. When you are confused, it’s a good idea to pick up a pen or pencil to see your work coming up on paper.

1. Ditto is one of the Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Ditto wanted to exclude it from this list because it is so easy to draw. Our friendly creature is an amorphous mass with just a pair of eyes and a smile. It shouldn’t take too long to learn how to draw ditto.

2. Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff is the best pokemon to draw if you are new! First, create a rough and perfect circle. Then go to the ears, feet and hands/arms. After a while, apply iff and face features. Drawing Jigglypuff doesn’t take long, but this Pokemon is the starting point for anyone who wants to start!

3. Oshawott

Start with your body and stack the rest around you. Oshawott boasts many details, from freckles to toes. This little detail adds personality to the Pokémon, slightly ahead of the simpler counterparts. Learning to apply these details is another great learning curve that advances artistic skills.

4. Wobbuffet

Wobbuffet is fun to draw because he always looks silly. Make sure to match your feet to head ratio correctly. Don’t forget your eyes on the tail.

5. Snorlax is one of Easy Pokemon to Draw

Snorlax, one of the easy Pokemon to Draw. Snorlax is essentially a round ball from all the food he eats, so drawing is easy!

6. Pikachu

Without the yellow electric rat mascot, this series cannot be mentioned. Pikachu is not the “easiest” creature, but it is not the most difficult. It is also one of the most popular, so you can find numerous videos, articles and image guides on how to draw this lovely rodent from any angle.

Keep an eye on your hands and feet as it may be the hardest part to compare with the original design.

7. Marill

Probably too simple, Marill doesn’t take that long and almost everyone can draw effectively. If you’re still struggling to find a starting point, Marill should be your first or second option. Tailing your body looks easier than it looks, but making it look right is hard for a beginner!

8. Piplup

I have tried to avoid beginners from this list, so I didn’t upset someone by omitting favorites. But Darnit, Piplup is so bold, easy to draw and lovely. What are you going to love?

The tricky area of ​​Piplup is the face. There are a lot of segments and proportions to keep in mind to get this design right. Still, if you are looking for a relatively basic shape, drawing will probably be the easiest way.

9. Dratini

Do not draw Dratini by copying the image you found online, but use your body as a starting point for drawing Pokemon in different locations. First draw Dratini’s head and continue down until the body is complete.

This tactic is best used to draw Pokemon freely in custom positions and situations. Of course, such achievements are completely optional, but you can differentiate them from everyone else!

10. Porygon

Porygon must be on every pokemon artist’s radar. Go step by step and don’t over-extend. You will be satisfied with the result. Many Pokemon contains similar lines, and Porygon is an ideal candidate for drawing lines!

11. Mudkip

You can’t like this like the basic evolutionary Pokemon, one of my favorite starter pokemon in the whole series. Those three-pronged cheeks can be a bit of a pain, but overall Mudkip should be high on the Pokemon list you draw!

12. Shuckle

The body of the shuffle is very simple, resembling many worms that appear on the shell. The latter is difficult to understand correctly, but once you get used to it, its circle and shape are great. Learning to draw a Shuckle can handle other Pokemon fairly well. The balance between a simple body and a complex shell makes Pokemon the perfect starting point.

13. Luvdisc

Aquatic fish Luvdisc first appeared in R / S / E games and is a great example of a simple drawing. It is shaped like a heart (or hip) and has a really small face.

There may be some problems with your mouth, but you can think of it as having crushed lips. With 60-90 minutes of practice you will be able to knock this little guy down.

14. Klink

It’s amazing to get the external gear correctly, one of the more satisfying Pokemon. Klink is very simple, but using two identical Pokemons together can help you learn a great habit of repeating the same process if needed.

15. Lugia

The legendary Pokemon is the final game of the picture. It will take some time to be able to draw something like Celesteela, but Lugia is a good choice for your initial attempt.

If you don’t have complex areas, learn how size matters and resize specific parts accordingly. Also, this Pokemon looks so cool, but if you look at the finished product it is worth the time investment.

16. Victini

Another legendary Pokémon, replaced by Lugia’s great power of cuteness. However, Victini is not a Pokemon that has to jump in to draw right away, and its tail is particularly sturdy and can ruin the entire work of art.

Draw this Pokemon and you will be amazed how lovely Victini is!

17. Voltorb & Electrode both easy Pokemon to Draw

What’s an easier way than a basic colored round ball? Voltorb and evolutionary electrodes are among the easiest creatures. It’s a sphere painted in red and white, and a basic animation-style eye… It’s a pocket ball with a face!

18. Bounsweet

Bounsweet is a cute little Pokemon that resembles a turnip or mangosteen plant. When drawing her, keep the leaves and body in the right proportions.

19. Gulpin

Gulpin is another amorphous Pokemon that makes a list. If you want a bigger challenge, try drawing him while inhaling food.

20. Togepi

One of Misty’s favorite Pokemon, Togepi is a great Pokemon for beginner artists. The hardest part is drawing the eggshell pattern correctly.

21. Snorunt

Snorunt first appeared in the second generation and is a fun little ice triangle. The cool part about drawing Snorunt is very static. There aren’t many moving parts and you can make this little friend back to its basic shape (cone, cylinder and sphere).

If you are having trouble envisioning Snorunt in 3D, try practicing some of the basic shapes first. We recommend the Drawabox lesson to start practicing in that area.

22. Oddish

Oddish is a great pokemon to learn how to draw because of the leaves. Once you know how to shade and shade the leaves, you can open up to other full-type Pokemons of different types to draw next.

23. Mareep

Mareep can be a bit harder than others on this list, but it’s basically a cloud and some body parts. You can do it!

24. Psyduck

Our dirty friend Psyduck is a great choice for beginner artists. You may have trouble keeping your beak right on your head.

25. Spheal

The bubble-shaped Spheal basically requires you to draw out a pencil and draw it. If you can draw a reliable sphere, you can draw this funny seal. The name is also a combination of seal + sphere. Lazy naming or creative marketing… You have to decide.

26. Gorebyss

This majestic sea creature can be tricky when you look at its shape. But I think it is similar to the shape of Dito. It’s strange at first, but once you go down, you can’t forget it. Gorebyss has tricky areas like tail ends and unique clam bra cups. It’s still just a detail, so with a little practice you can make the overall look very fast.

27. Litwick

Here’s one of the 5th generation new monsters designed with Ghost Candles. Litwick is easy in some parts, but difficult in others. The body is very simple and the facial features are simple.

However, you may have a hard time getting a candle flame correctly. This often requires some shading to distinguish the different parts of the fire.

It is one of the easiest designs designed by monsters in subsequent games. However, this is a fun evolution topic and it is much easier than the final evolution Walrein.

28. Munchlax

I am not sure if this list will include Snorlax or Munchlax. Ultimately, they are very simple to draw and have similar features. But I think Munchlax is a little more fun, so I go with my baby.

If you want to use Snorlax, there are many works of art on Bulbapedia. If you are looking for a step-by-step approach, there are also some great videos from YouTube.

29. Seedot

What’s an easier way than drawing a nut in the shape of a basic acorn? Perhaps an amorphous mass of bubble gum, but that’s the problem. Seedot is one of the easiest designs and drawing is really fun.

Without the arm, there is less room for error. However, the eyes are rather picky, so you need to be careful how big your students are.

If you want a real challenge, try drawing the entire evolution line of Seedot. Even if you try to draw Nuzleaf, you can see how easy this acorn is.

30. Mew

Lastly, Mew is the most important thing in the history of Old School Pokemon. Some have claimed that you can find Mew on a truck at Vermilion. Others said that after filling Pokédex, you can get Mew. Get Mew right at home with a single paper or picture tablet.

Since everyone loves legends, you can find countless videos that teach you how to draw this magnificent pink creature. Or if you want to skip Mew and try your luck elsewhere, stay busy on this list.

31. Phanpy

Phanpy is another very cute creature and one of the easier designs in the baby pokemon list. However, this design has quite a tricky area. I personally found 3 that really popped out.

  • Ear: Strange shape with built-in ring-shaped object
  • Leg: short and short with one nail
  • Trunk: not too long, not too short, you need to hold its shape correctly.

If you’re not too frustrated and want a lighter challenge, offer this opportunity. Phanpy may be one of the most complex designs on this list, but putting it on paper is incredibly rewarding.

32. Swalot

I have never used Swalot after playing 3rd generation games multiple times. But I always remembered the original design and the really crazy old evolution Gulpin. Of the two, I think Swalot is easier to draw. Or, it will be a little more practical in the process, so drawing is more practical.

Gulpin is also fun, but its shape and size is similar to that of Spheal. But if you want to draw both, check out the built-in video tutorial. Shows how to draw two things over time.

There are other videos on how to draw these people, but the videos I included are probably the most accurate and easy to follow.

33. Chimecho

Chimecho is the most adorable psychic pokemon I have ever seen. Too bad my chingling couldn’t evolve. Thankfully, you don’t need an emerald copy to paint your own picture!

I prefer the design of Chimecho with a longer tail and a smaller body compared to his pre-evolution state. This longer design lets you think about how shapes and proportions work to create a whole picture.

34. Misty

Misty’s beloved egg creatures have become annoying for every second-generation player who takes up every slot in every early game. But toge blood as a monster is not bad.

You can learn pretty good moves, evolve to a bad final stage, and it’s very simple to draw eggs for the artist. The hardest part of nailing Togepi with graphite is getting a small shell pattern right away.

Even if you try to draw this little guy over and over again, don’t be too frustrated by the geometric patterns. Just remember the old-fashioned saying “practice becomes perfect” and you can get there.

35. Magnemite

The basic shape of the rectangular body of Magnemite is fine at first glance. Sitting and putting a pencil on the paper makes it a little more complicated. Still Magnemite is one of the easiest designs in the first generation, so it’s a really good choice for old-fashioned Pokémon gamers who watched Pokémania unfold in the 90s.

Problem areas to note: Perspective of the side magnet and screw on the top. I have had a hard time making these look right, but it is a matter of all perspectives and proportions. In some exercises, this floating magnet becomes too simple.

How to Draw Pokemon Easily

These ware 35 easiest Pokemon! To improve your drawing skills, start by drawing easier skills like Jigglypuff, Ditto and Snorlax. Spend time in that circle as the big part is drawing the shapes correctly!

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