Easy Learning Apps On Smart Phone.

Classroom-based training is a common learning and learning mode. Unfortunately, both the teacher and the library are experiencing infrequent difficulties for the majority of students because of the lack of infrastructure. The importance of mobile programs for smartphones can be of great help to students. You can also help students who want another perspective on the subject. Most of these apps are built or supported by popular educational institutions.

Byju-Learning App:

easy learning apps on smart phone

Developed by the Bangalore-based coaching center Byju Classes, this program is designed for students in grades 6-12. (CAT) exams. All courses can be found in online videos.

The type of presentation is somewhat standard but effective. The instructor occupies a small portion of the display and the rest is used to display diagrams, diagrams, and charts on the subject.

When doing these tasks, use the progress meter to monitor your progress and test your abilities through the free testing available within the program. A firm focus on systematic organization and delivery complements the absence of visual components.

Hello Class:

1551376465 109 easy learning apps on smart phone

Hello Class helps students find answers to tough questions. In the chat box, select your grades, topics, and issues. If someone else created it, please upload the image to the box.

Find an instructor who can help you through chat. If you are interested in a mentor that will help you with a specific topic, the app creator will get back to you via phone.

This can be helpful if you have a list of certified tutors. Topics covered are fairly traditional and students need lessons such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

TuitionAtHome – My favorite learning application in India:

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Tuitionathome is one of my favorite learning apps in India. It is a very user friendly application where you can find a wide range of course details. Tidition In Home is a complete application for finding video presentations, PowerPoints, information images, and hands-on videos.

This special program is very fast and lightweight. We have a special deal for a school that wants to get this program at a reasonable price. It is a very similar type of application, such as Byju, and much more convenient.

Students who have difficulty attending training classes or who are away from the resident address are the only ones in this program.


1551376465 552 easy learning apps on smart phone

1551376465 552 easy learning apps on smart phone

This school vocabulary app is one of the most useful and effective apps to ensure success in tests like GRE, TOFEL, GMAT, CAT, ESL, SAT,

Khan Academy:


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