EA says it’s ‘aware’ that Anthem is crashing some PS4 consoles

The video game bug is not so good and I can not remember the last time I heard about people's consoles just getting bored. However, some PlayStation 4 owners are completely corrupting the console with BioWare's Shared World Shooter A nthem . Or worse.

Electronic Arts, owner of Sony or BioWare, did not explain why this problem could be happening or how broad the problem might be, but EA says it is currently officially investigating the issue and asks a few answers to the player with the problem Forum thread is the question.

Through Kotaku (and some previous posts on EA's forums), Anthem sub-redit sees the PS4 console shut down completely, as if it voluntarily pulled the power cord instead of shutting it down safely. down.

"The power to the console is turned off and the power is not turned on using the normal method of pressing the PS4 button on the controller," says one techjo user's detailed report, after which the PlayStation scans the hard disk. "Occasionally, the button on the front of the console works and at other times the console must be unplugged and then reconnected."

In rare cases, the owner of the PS4 reports that the console is "unbuckled". It will no longer work correctly. This can be a side effect that could cause the hard drive or other components to voluntarily lose power. The PS4 is the reason you run the hard disk check every time you accidentally unplug the power cord. This forum post suggests recreating the database if PS4 is not working properly.

Some of the angry gamers in some cases have problems with Sony and EA before they take issue. One of the Reddit posts with over 3,300 upvotes will completely stop the game until a fix is ​​available and the other player is attempting to refund the game with varying levels of success. PlayStation's support chat tool says that you can get a refund

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