Dwarf Fortress Starter Pack

PeridexisErrant’s Starter Pack is bundled with dwarf fortress, with community upgrades including graphics, tools, and bug fixes.

The Dwarf Fortress Starter Pack 2020 latest version is here

If you haven’t tried DF before or haven’t played for years, it’s suitable for anyone. For beginners everything is bundled and set up. You can safely override all settings and the defaults will work. For advanced players, customize, add, remove, update or replace what you want.

A starter pack means you can spend hours setting up a fortress instead of installing DF! The Bay12, forum has threads with feedback, questions, suggestions or other content about packs. The second post has a full table of contents and recent changes.

In addition to the official download page for DFFD (here!), / U / Hecknar maintains df.wicked-code.com and reflects all releases since 0.40.01! The last 34.11 pack is here.

The last 40.24 pack is here. I have the last 32 bit pack 0.43.09-r09. If you need a previous pack or your site is down, please let me know and I’ll clean it up.

Here is Dwarf Fortress Lazy Newb Pack,.

About Dwarf Fortress Starter Pack 2020 download

Download and extract the folder
Portable app bundle. There is no installation procedure anymore.
The pack must be able to read and write files, so don’t put them in the “Program Files” folder.
[Optional]: Use this tool and the checksum of the DFFD to verify that the file is not corrupted.
[optional]: Upgrade from the previous release by copying the old ‘Dwarf Fortress 0.xx.yy / data / save /’ folder into a new pack.
Do not extract or copy previous packs to upgrade.
[Optional]: Visit the DF Wiki or my tutorial to help you learn the game.

Last but not least: Dwarf Fortress is free and redistributable. Here you can support Bay12 games,. Or you can donate to cover my time and money. Even if you decide not to donate, Dwarf Fortress, is still free, as is this unofficial pack.

Download Starter Pack

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