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Dwarf Fortress, is the finest and detailed civilization construction games designed so far.  Starting with a small band of dwarf survivors, you will create a thriving civilization, such as finding precious metals, making elaborate items, building neighborhoods and complex trade routes, fighting terrified creatures, and drinking them all!

About Dwarf Fortress game

It is the total freedom to build your world and develop your civilization in whatever way you like. Dwarf Fortress is a sandbox game, from the beginning. Before digging tunnels and starting the mining of the adammemin ore, you must first create a world where dwarves can settle. There are many options for this.

Create a procedure that fits your specifications. Set the map size, mineral density, the number of civilizations present, and the number of monsters. Decide whether you want to create history for the first few years. This will determine how much the existing civilization has progressed.

Start with the seven dwarfs. Determine their name, attributes, starting inventory, and known skills. Look at the enormous world of mountains, rivers, lakes, fields and forests. Choose a spot on which the civilization will be built. Remember that there are some resources and risks.

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Take control of your empire

Are you familiar with the Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, Warhammer 2, or Overwatch, ? Dwarf Fortress can recreate civilization using an incredibly flexible empire building tool. Well the Dwarf Fortress adventure mode is my favorite mode. Every dwarf has a unique name, attribute, and behavior pattern.

Place the steel on top with a liquor. A dwarf can not function for too long without alcohol. Cut the wood and use the wood for various purposes. Build houses, storage rooms, barrels, beds, and fire. Use nearby rivers to provide power by catching fish, irrigating crops, supplying fresh water, and / or waterwaves. Dig the earth deeply.

Create underground empire and mine to make the most valuable metal. Just be careful of the horror that is hiding under your feet. Hold workshops to manufacture hundreds of tools, weapons, crafts and other items. Talk to other races in the world, trade or wage war.

Game guide

Your dwarves will constantly walk on the blade. Almost everything in the world does not want to kill them, but it can happen by chance. Carefully step on. One wrong decision of the Dwarven Fortress may be the end of the Dwarf Civilization forever! Unfold the game through a series of detailed text descriptions. Fight hundreds of enemies in the underground wild demon.

Make sure that most of the dwarves are happy, protected, well-fed, and well-drunk. Otherwise, you will cause your riot. Manage your resources. Because it can be the most ungodly creature, lack of food, water, and beer can be fatal to the empire. Manage your tunnels well. Excavation – and mine disasters can occur in unsecured fortresses.
Do not flood the fortress with water or magma.

Let’s dive deeper with the dwarves. It is not exaggerated to say that Dwarf Fortress is one of the largest and most detailed games that are coded and is truly great. The number of ways you can develop an empire is absolutely confusing as the tools you need to do so.

You can combine or order farms, hunting, collecting, mines, digging, crafting, trading, researching and fighting as you wish. The dwarf fort is so big that what you just read will not scratch the surface!

Not only are there many ways you can do it, but more details are programmed in an attempt to simulate realistic physics, biology and chemistry as realistic as possible. If you want to see everything this game can offer, download Dwarf Fortress game now for free and be amazed.

Download Dwarf Fortress on PC

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