Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode

This guide is all about how to play Dwarf Fortress adventure mode we will tell you step by step instructions for those who have never played Dwarf Fortress in Adventure Mode before.

Assuming you have already installed Dwarf Fortress, game and can navigate the menu yourself, you do not need any important knowledge of how to play adventure mode. Read the full adventure mode manual for more details.

How to play Dwarf Fortress adventure mode

The first step in starting an adventure mode game is to select a race of adventurers. All major races can complete the same quest. Civilized humans start with bronze, iron or silver products and can now use all items sold by store owners (for the time being only found in the city of a person and only sell clothing / armor of the size of a person). Human settlements are the easiest way to get started goods and supplies.

Human outsiders begin with a very limited selection of items when compared to civilized humans. Starting in human settlements, poverty is quickly plundered because it enjoys the benefits of readily available commodities like other races.

Dwarves have the advantage of being able to enter martial arts trance when fighting multiple enemies at once and gaining complete vision in the dark. Very useful at night and very useful for exploring the underground. They are the only species that can start with steel weapons.

Dwarves can equip goblins and elves, but they can’t wear person-sized clothes and armor. The best starting point for armor and weapons is in the fortress market or warehouse. Good quality leather garments can be found by searching for dwarf apartments in the fortress and houses in the pit. Better equipment can be found in veteran soldiers and fort guards, perhaps in dark forts and bandit camps nearby.

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Weapon skills and metal armor

Elves have a very limited list of weapon skills when crafting very weak wooden weapons, metal armor, and characters. They have the advantage of higher natural walking speed and higher average agility, which leads to faster starting speeds. The elves of the elven civilization also make peace with the wilderness and are never attacked by wild animals.

They can wear clothes of size for dwarves or goblins. Elves starting at forest resorts may have to travel to neighboring civilizations to obtain adequate equipment because their civilization is no better than ordinary wooden armor.

Civilization: The goblin is an option to play as most come from the non-goblin civilization, which is a human civilization in most cases. It is recommended to start at the dwarf site whenever possible to help you find your armor.

Goblins don’t have to eat or drink, they have slightly better vision in the dark than humans, and have higher average endurance and willpower to withstand more damage before the battle is over. Despite being a fellow goblin, members of the goblin civilization will still attack dark pits and dark forts.

Intelligent Wilderness Creatures v0.42.01 is a versatile animal and sentient creature that participated in the major civilizations of the world’s animals. Anthropomorphized creatures acquire many physical properties, from basic creatures to material layers (fur, scales, shells, etc.) to appendages (hoofs, horns, claws, wings, two or more arms).

Some traits are obviously beneficial (flight, natural climbing talent, huge chunks that can break the wrestling hold). Almost all creatures that can swim naturally know how to swim, so they do not need swimming skills. An inconspicuous exception is most bugmen who can’t swim.

All these factors make certain species somewhat more advantageous than the main ones. On the other hand, some may be powerful starter characters (e.g. elephant man) that start the game strongly. It is best to study the life of a creature to make an informed choice. It is better to postpone until you have some experience with the game.

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