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The release date of Dungeon Break was in September, but the game offered early access even before that. So why would we return two months to review an independent mobile game? Well, it's strange as hell, awkward, with low graphics and repetitive gameplay, but it still survives in the store, so we just want to know how …

Development and reception

Actually, the game is offered by a fairly respectable studio called Auer Media & Entertainment. They are behind some very successful titles, such as Dawn Break I and II, which enjoy a score of more than 4 stars. On Google Play, Dungeon Break Android has only 2.5 stars of about 2.5-3k votes and more than 50k downloads. In the iTunes App Store things don't look much better, since the game has a higher score, but only a group of 62 votes so far.

Dungeon Break 4


The game's slogans are "A little villain can achieve greatness, freedom is ours!" and "We minions must be free!" and the posters in the app stores point out the main features, saying "Away from Opress!, Away from Dungeon!, Little Minions! time to go out!, shoot! Script, run precipitously, rush, hurry up! Only on one finger! And Dungeon Boss! I must die! "Those last two go together. In an awkwardly described presentation, what the editors tried to say is that in this game, your goal is to free the minions of forces of the evil of their masters They live in a dungeon and they have tired of their lords It is time for a rebellion of the evil minions, which actually sounds great …

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On your way to lead the revolution of the evil minions, you yourself play as an evil, poorly designed minion we could add, with the ability to cast spells in the direction you sweep with a finger. And they were not kidding about playing with a single thumb. says Fidel Castro of The evil minions, shoot automatically when you move and all you do is slide your finger to rotate it or move it in the desired direction. To be honest, it feels a bit satisfying in a sense that games like Chicken Invaders would be if they had the self-ignition. The action would remain the same, but it would save you endless hits on the fire button.

Dungeon Break 2

In addition, you can also go to the direction you swipe quickly, such as when you slide your messages, photos or contacts. However, your character is likely to hit a wall or an obstacle. Frankly, this game is quite difficult due to the clumsy movement of the character paired with the set of projectiles that constantly fly in your direction and the obstacles you need to move. If someone were to master this game, it would be a great achievement for sure.

You have six characters to choose from in total, of which Rumble Rambo is your first and only unlocked option to lead the charge. All candidates for the leader of the minions uprisings must be unlocked. The six move and shoot differently and, of course, can be updated.

Dungeon Break 1


Dungeon Break seems quite minimalist. It has a kind of pixelated modern art, which is only larger pixels but with a finer texture. The game is represented very well, but runs more or less, which adds more to the difficulty. The characters, that is, the minions, are designed with minimal details and the game itself tries to have that kind of finely represented pixel appearance.

Dungeon Break 3


Each game has its use, and Dungeon Break can be fun maybe for someone who likes unusual-looking games with a peculiar game. However, it seems that it developed in a couple of days. The gameplay is repetitive, but in the bad sense of the word. It is quite difficult and challenging to start playing, although it can gain some value if you somehow manage to be good at it. In general, it is clumsy, offers minimal content and probably won't stay with an average player today.





Each game has its use, and Dungeon Break can be fun perhaps for someone who likes unusual-looking games with a peculiar game.

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