DuckDuckGo hits new milestone of 30 million private searches per day

DuckDuckGo, the privacy search engine has reached a new record of 30 million direct searches a day through the search engine journal . You have reached the record in the first 10 years of service. A series of privacy scandals have arisen from Facebook's Cambridge Analytica violations to Google's continued location tracking records. People have learned more about how their data is being developed and used by large technology companies.

DuckDuckGo's expected market share is 0.18% of the world's search, compared to a firm search giant like Google's 77%, Baidu's 14% and Bing's 5%. At least once ahead of the powerful AOL. The achievements of DuckDuckGo are praiseworthy, but I think the convenience and features are still important to most people over their privacy.

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