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Dragon City guide

Dragon City is an incredibly popular game. Players can raise and raise various species of Fighter Dragons to win the battle. Also, building your own universe on a floating island is not something you can do in real life, so why not experience it in graphical 3D?

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Why do you need Dragon City Hack?

Dragon City needs to create an environment for breeding and raising baby dragons. This means food, fire, water and other basic elements. You also need to master dragons with certain skills that you breed, breed, and even lack in your family. All these requirements usually consume a lot of game money in the form of gold coins and gems.

  • How to get free dragon city gems

The Internet is famous for its Dragon City Free Generators, which promise unlimited gems and gold. Most of the time, this generator doesn’t work. Indeed, the best way to get free Dragon City Gems is to work hard.

The rule of thumb: don’t waste gems on non-issues like decoration, breeding, hatching and farming. Instead, get more gems because you need them for more important things.

  • Daily login

In the spirit of devotion, log in every day or a few times better each day, you can get free Dragon City gems.

  • Dragon City of Social Media

You can get one-time gems by subscribing to Dragon City’s various social media platforms. There are other ways to get more rewards by taking advantage of the Dragon City social media page. This includes the following:

  • Facebook daily calendar

Since January 2019, Dragon City has launched a reward scheme called Daily Calender on Facebook. Daily Calender offers all kinds of rewards including Food, Gold and Gems. Just check every day and collect today’s rewards! And don’t forget to join the Dragon City Facebook Roulette. You never know; You can win 50 gems, absolutely free!

  • Monday Reward Bonus

In addition, players using PCs have a reward bonus every Monday. Every Monday you need to click one of the three buttons. Each button has a reward in the store and I hope it’s a big button across your fingers.

Reward number 1:

You can get elementary school. They are not just dragons, the possible choices are:

Reward number 2:

There are 5,000 gold coins on either button. Boost!

Reward number 3:

You might be lucky enough to find 5 gems by simply clicking a button.

  • Deus Daily Bonus

Deus Daily is a mini-game from Dragon City that plays a gambling role. In the Deus Daily Bonus Challenge, you need to select a card that shows a picture to reveal your reward. This mini game is for players who stay logged in for 24 hours.

The game randomly reorganizes cards on the board and you have to choose one. Victory is purely based on luck, but it is a whopping 50 gems to win!

Rule of thumb: This reward only applies if you’re using a PC, not a mobile device.

  • Free island

On the mobile front there is something like Freebie Island. A platform to get free gems and gold by completing simple tasks like watching a video, beta app exam or survey. Freebie Island is full of specials and specials where you can get additional gems and gold coins. But you need to complete the work, following the instructions according to the letter. Otherwise you will not be rewarded.

Rule of Experience: Freebie Island is operated by a third party vendor. Therefore, you must understand the terms and conditions before participating.

  • Invite friends to play Dragon City

Did you know that you can invite your friends to Dragon City to earn gems? I do not know! Send invitations from Dragon City’s native app. But to be rewarded, a friend must accept the invitation in a certain way and play a game after level 15.

  • Take part in the Dragon City quest

If you do not know, some gems will be rewarded after completing each quest. Each time you complete a quest, the reward goes up. For example, you will receive 2 gems when you complete the first quest. If you continue to complete the quest, when you reach the 30th quest, the reward is up to 12. Don’t think that completing a quest is a waste of time. Each quest is a great learning curve and a great way to gain experience.

  • Let’s play

Dragon City is very attractive. Therefore, there are many battles and challenges you can join to get gems and gold. The best part of this is that this participation is part of the gameplay, so you won’t waste time building a dragon empire.

  • Participate in PvP or Battle

Rewards and honors come from fights and victories. PvP is a Dragon League where you can fight other players’ dragons. Riding 8 in PvP gets 3-6 Gems. This reward applies to players using mobile devices. If you play on a PC, you will fight 7 enemies and win 2 gems if you win.

The rewards look faint, but you can battle up to three times every six hours. If you win all battles during the day, you will get a total of 8 gems a day or about 56 gems a week! There are a total of 400 battles in the league.

  • Experience point

XP, also known as XP, is also a great way to get free gems. The more experience you have, the more gems you can earn. Earning experience is also known as level up. It is important to level up as soon as possible because some dragons require certain levels to reach their full potential. But you can only get 1 gem at a time.

EXP: A good way to level up quickly is to build farms and habitats and then sell them. Food is very important in Dragon City, so having a Big Food Farm is a big advantage.

Raising large amounts of food is also an inexpensive way. In addition to giving birth to a well-grown dragon baby, because you can sell or give extra food to a friend.

Look for foods that grow quickly and can be harvested without hassle, such as Hot Dragon Chillies and Dragon Bells. Breeding can also earn you experience and fast money. In the case of a breeding tree, you can wait until it’s served to make a deal.

  • Touching the tower of jewels

Jewelem’s Tower is an icon that is unlocked at level 12. Apparently made up of gems. Therefore, if you touch it only once every 24 hours, you will receive 1 gem as a reward.

  • Tournament Play & Win

You can earn 2 gems each time you win. You can have 2 tournaments per day, depending on the cool-off period you have to wait before entering another battle with the dragon. So translate to 28 gems a week and you’ll get 4 gems a day!

  • Jewelry as a gift

It is true that a friend can gift you jewelry. If you desperately need it, you can ask a friend for help and they can give you all kinds of gifts, including food, gold and even jewelry.

  • Completed the Dragon Book Collection

Dragon City rewards passionate fans who complete their collections under the Dragon Book. Completing the Dragon Book Collection will allow you to earn gem rewards. Now that you have been evaluated for a variety of fun ways to get free rewards, you will have more fun with GENUINE Hacks.

  • Dragon City Pre-Generator Information

We want to repeat not one. But all the generators you see online claim that unlimited gold and gems are a scam! Do not participate in these generators, as they will not only increase your chances of being banned in Dragon City, but they can also steal and misuse your personal information.

Final words about Dragon City game

Dragon City is a phenomenal game that can be enjoyed with friends for many years. We win more if you truly play the game and get rewarded with dignity. Share your thoughts and experiences with Dragon City. If you have additional hacks, I’d love to hear them.

You can download Dragon City game here.

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