Dragon Age 2 Game Review PC

Dragon Age 2 Game origins was released just two years ago and has won the RPG world by Storm and showed how good Bioware is for developing RPGs and storytelling. Dragon Age 2 is a two-year-old line-up and sequel to the bigger and better gameplay experience compared to the previous game. Dragon Age II is full of activity with an amazing game with a range of epic proportions.

Dragon Age: The biggest change between Origins and Dragon Age II is the story. In Dragon Age II, gamers spend most of their time running the city of Cirkwall as HAWKE, a survivor of a darkspawn invasion that has found shelter from afar. The threat of Darkspawn still exists, but the gameplay story is much more focused on Hawke and his family.

Dragon Age 2 Game Review for PC

Players will see racism, religious intolerance, greed, and everything in Dragon Age II. Bioware focuses on how power politics, the heroine of war and games are all affected by this. Dragon Age 2 has a secondary task (side quest) that gamers have to accomplish as they sit in Kirkwall.

Most of these quests are only character interaction with party members, all of which are very well written and spoken. The best thing about other side quests is that they are mixed with the main story thread of the game.


One of the biggest improvements in Dragon Age 2 is the fighting speed of the series than the original game. In the game, the hero moves quickly and takes part in a direct battle instead of executing a long series of standby commands. Gamers have the option to pause action between gameplay and can also issue 4 party members and orders. The exciting thing is the speed with which all this happens.

Minor interface twist

Bioware has expertise in tuning minor mechanics to enhance the overall flavor of the gameplay experience and is very visible in Dragon Age 2. The conversation in the game now uses a layout similar to Mass Effect 2. A more specific developer has a visual icon associated with each response.

Bioware also streamlines inventory management with a companion upgrade armor. For example, if you are a warrior, you can sell mega clothes when you wear it because no one can wear it in the game.

Graphics, textures and visuals of Dragon Age 2 Game

The graphics, textures and visuals of Dragon Age II have shown tremendous improvements compared to Origin, except that there are fantastic architectural designs in most areas where the player travels.


The Bioware game continues to be a great success with storytelling, but at the same time it has to be accepted that it continues to move with the mid-range images. To be fair, the narrative and performance of Dragon Age II play a great role in selling the entire package, but the character movement of the game is somewhat hard and detailed, and is sometimes a static and non-interactive environment.

Dragon Age 2 game streamlines combat and inventory management, and game play is quicker. The graphics and visuals of the franchise are good compared to the first game of the franchise but still a bit old. Stories are wise, and conversations tend to last for long periods of time. Dragon Age: Compared to Origin, Dragon Age II is much easier and simpler in terms of gameplay.

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