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Windows 10 Update Assistant (also known as Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant) allows you to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 hassle-free. No need to check for updates and wait for updates to be installed step by step. Microsoft has officially released this tool to install Windows 10 updates in one go.

Windows 10 Update Assistant is the fastest and simplest tool to upgrade Windows 10 to the latest version. If your download speed is slow, you download updates in chunks, or if you are not satisfied with the regular Windows update system for any other reason, this tool is for you.

What is Windows 10 Update Assistant?

Windows 10 Update Assistant is a standalone application that upgrades Windows 10 to the latest stable version. Dedicated software provided by Microsoft for the best user experience for Windows Update.

It works like a step-by-step wizard. You will need to select an option at each step to update without problems. The design is minimal and to the point. Ready to upgrade in a few clicks.

Run the Windows 10 Update Assistant executable
Run the Windows 10 Update Assistant executable

How Windows 10 Update Assistant Works

Windows Update Assistant is a utility program that helps you bypass the regular update channels and install the latest version of Windows 10 directly in a single process.

To be more clear, we don’t actually download updates like the Windows Update system. You can either download the Windows 10 cumulative update for the latest version (actually) or you can download the ISO or installation file for the latest version of Windows 10 (but usually not).

Once the ISO image/config file download is complete, the upgrade process will begin to install the new version.

If you’ve already upgraded or downloaded Windows 10 using the media creation tool, you’ll find that the upgrade system for these two tools works similarly. However, the Windows Update Assistant is much simpler than the Media Creation Tool.

Windows 10 Update Assistant vs Media Creation Tool

The upgrade feature of both tools works the same way. However, if you just want to upgrade your operating system without overloading your options, the Update Assistant is your best bet.

Here’s how the update assistant tool is better than the media creation tool:

  • Easy upgrade
  • no additional options
  • smaller file size
  • Loads faster than media creation tools
  • Continue working while updates are downloaded
  • Files are not deleted even after upgrade.
  • You can choose when to start the update.
  • You can revert updates and go back whenever you want.

How to use Windows 10 Update Assistant

There is nothing complicated in this tool. It is a standalone portable software that requires no installation. It’s that simple and easy. Just download the software and run it.


Download Windows 10 Update/Upgrade Assistant Tool In the Downloads section (top of this page). The file is small (about 6 MB) and downloads in seconds.

Install Windows 10 Update Assistant

Upgrade Assistant is portable software and does not need to be installed. Opening the downloaded file will load the main program.

program execution

Navigate to the location where you downloaded the file. Heat Windows 10 upgrade.exe File (or similar name).

Windows10AssistanceSetup File
Windows10AssistanceSetup File

Choose Yes The program opens in a User Access Control (UAC) dialog box. It may take a few seconds to check your system, current Windows version, and new upgradeable versions.

If you already have the latest version of Windows 10 installed, the tool will tell you that your system is up to date and no upgrades are available.

If you have an older version and an updated version is available, you will be prompted to update to the latest version of Windows 10.

Install upgrades using Windows 10 Update Assistant
Install upgrades using Windows 10 Update Assistant

Press down update now Click the button to continue or don’t update now button if you are not ready to upgrade now).

Cancel Windows 10 Update
Cancel Windows 10 Update

After proceeding with the update option, the device compatibility check will begin on the next screen, which may take a few seconds.

If your PC is compatible with the upgrade installation, a congratulatory message is displayed. I usually check CPU, memory and disk space.

Windows 10 update available
Windows 10 update available

Press down next If you do not press a button to continue, it will proceed automatically after a few seconds.

The Windows 10 Update Assistant will now start downloading the latest files for Windows 10 to upgrade. It will take some time depending on your internet connection speed. However, you can minimize this window and continue to use and operate your PC normally.

Download started for update
Download started for update

When the download is complete, the system will restart to install the update. You will need to wait until the Windows 10 upgrade is fully installed on your computer.

Download Windows 10 ISO without product key

If you don’t like the upgrade assistant, or if you’re still getting the error, here’s an alternative way to download the full Windows 10 ISO and use Rufus to create a bootable USB. Then reboot and manually upgrade Windows 10.

You can also download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, but it often fails due to frequent internet disconnects or network failure issues.

If you are trying to download Windows 10 without a product key/license key using a legitimate method, we are happy to know that there is a valid method. Microsoft offers a trial version of Windows where you can try Windows 10 before you buy. We provide separate ISO files for each version of Windows 10. Download Windows 10 ISO file without media creation tool, Here is a direct link to download the ISO file for Windows 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most problematic questions for most users.

  • Can I pause/resume during upgrade?

Pause/resume is not supported during process.

Windows Update Assistant (WUA) accepts or disallows external files. Download the file itself and install it.

  • Can I cancel during the upgrade process?

You can cancel during the download, not the upgrade, until a checkpoint is reached or complete.

problem solving

How to Fix Error Code “0x80072ee7”

Error message states:

A problem has occurred.

Windows 10 cannot be downloaded. Check your network settings and try again.

You can contact Microsoft Support for assistance with this error. Here is the error code 0x80072ee7.


Network Error Message 0x80072ee7 Windows Upgrade Assistant
Network Error Message 0x80072ee7 Windows Upgrade Assistant

solution: Network error code. There is no internet connection or there is a temporary disconnection problem. Make sure your internet connection is stable or try again later.

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