Dota Underlords Tips and Tricks

With an open beta version of DOTA Underlords still in its soft launch phase and susceptible to all kinds of changes, the initial idea that Valve has established will remain the same, and that is the Hero Alliances feature. Heroes can change in terms of their statistics, skills and loyalty, as well as the Alliance bonuses that have already gone through some important adjustments and corrections. Therefore, any beginner's guide would have to address these features primarily.


The fun thing about DOTA Underlords is that with each game, you build your own team of heroes by carefully considering random store selections and managing their gold wisely in purchases, sales and perhaps re-rolls. This aspect is based on the hero level, no doubt, but again it is the particular Alliance that you want to build what you should consider.

Dota Underlords Picking Heroes

The basic group of the store consists of:

Level 1 Heroes x 14 [19659006] Level 2 Heroes x 14
Level 3 Heroes x 15
Level 4 Heroes x 12
Level 5 Heroes x 5

This means that the number The number of copies for heroes is limited, especially in the case of higher levels where they are extremely scarce. But, since having a good and balanced Hero team with a well-matched Alliance is much more important than its Level rank, there are ways you can reach the top. So, let's help achieve this through these Dota Underlords tips …

Here is a brief description of the DOTA heroes that have been included in the game so far. You will notice that some are missing, such as Invoker and Pugna, while we anxiously await their inclusion in the game. Here is the list of levels from the current version of the game 1.0.4 heroes with their Alliances:

Level 1:

Anti-Mage – Elusive, Demon Hunter
Ax – Brawny, Warrior
Batrider – Troll, Knight
Bloodseeker – Human, Assassin
Bounty Hunter – Scrappy, Assassin
Clockwerk – Scrappy, Inventor [196596] ] Drow Ranger – Heartless, Hunter
Lovely – Wild, Druid
Ogre Magi – Chained, Magician
Shaman of Shadows – Troll, Shaman [19659006] Tinker – Scrappy, Inventor
Tiny – Primordial, Warrior
Tusk – Savage, Warrior
Warlock – Blood-Bound, Warlock

Dota Underlords Heroes Tier 1

Tier 2:

Beastmaster – Brawny, Hunter
Chaos Knight – Demon, Knight
Crystal Maiden – Human, M age
Juggernaut – Brawny, Warrior
Luna – Elusive, Knight
Morphling – Primordial, Assassin
Nature & # 39; s Prophet – Elusive, Dusive
Puck – Elusive, Puck – Elusive, Dragon
Pudge – Heartless, TwoWarrior
Queen of Pain – Demon, Assassin
Slardar Scaled, Warrior
Timbersaw – Scrappy, Inventor
Treant Protector – Elusive, Druid
Witch Doctor – Troll, Warlock

Dota Underlords Heroes Tier 2

Level 3:

Abbadon – Heartless, Knight
Arc Warden – Primordial, Shaman
Lina – Human, magician
Lycan – Human, wild
Omniknight – Human, knight
Phantom Assassin – Elusive, Assassin
Raz – Primordial, Mage
Sand King – Savage, Assas without
Shadow Fiend – Demon, Warlock
Slark – Scaled, Assassin
Sniper – Deadeye, Hunter
Terrorblade – Demon, Demon Hunter
Venomancer – Savage, Warlock
Viper [19459008-Dragon – Killer
Windranger – Elusive, Hunter

Dota Underlords Heroes Tier 3

Tier 4:

Alchemist – Scrappy, Warlock
Distruptor – Brawny, Shaman, Warlock
Doom – Demon, Warrior
Dragon Knight – Human, Dragon, Knight
Guardian of Light – Human , Wizard
Kunkka – Human, Warrior
Lone Druid – Wild, Druid
Medusa – Scaling, Hunter
Mirana – Slippery, Hunter
Necrophos – Heartless, Warlock
Templar Assassin – Elusive, Assassin 19659006] Troll Warlord – T roll, Warrior

Dota Underlords Heroes Tier 4

Level 5:

Enigma – Primordial, Warlock
Gyrocopter – Deadeye, Inventor
Lich – Heartless, Mage
Techies – Scrappy, Inventor
Tidehunter – Scaled, Hunter

Dota Underlords Heroes Tier 5

DOTA Underlords Alliances with Pros and Cons [19659078] 3 Assassins give + 10% for a 300% critical hit for all Assassins, + 20% for 400 Damage% for 6, + 30% for 500% damage for 9
+ Quick Eliminations
– Virtually impossible to assemble 9, easy to counteract with elusive or other features, vulnerable to CC and magicians

When one unit linked to blood dies, the other gains + 100% damage for the rest of the battle
+ Excellent at the beginning, when you have 2 or 3 units maximum
– Risk of relying of a bonus that activates when your unit dies, and you can't be sure that it will die when it needs it sites

Two muscular units get +200 to the maximum of HP, +500 for 4
+ Excellent in any competition if you have space for 2 of them, potentially great with an object forged in battle They need run units themselves
– having 4 can severely decrease your damage production

Deadeye's duo focuses on the same enemy unit with the lowest health
+ excellent in demolitions and Fast Thinning Ranges
– 2 Deadeye units firing at the same target may end up being an exaggeration, often wasting an attack

If you have 2 Demons but only one is on the board, that gains + 50% for damage
+ Demons are usually strong units with powerful abilities that change the game
– The bonus is easily counteracted and + 50% is not so good to occupy 2 places on your team [19659009] 2 Demon Hunters invalidate the enemy demon bonus, 4 give + 50% pure damage to all demons
+ Opposite enemy demon bonus easily
– Only one unit of Demon in the enemy team makes building this Alliance an exaggeration even if sometimes an enemy the demon can tip the scales in favor of the enemy

Dota Underlords Demon Hunter Alliance

2 Dragon Units unlock an additional Draconic Skill for all
+ with 2 Dragons gain 2 more abilities to use per game
– bonus abilities are reliable in Mana

If you have 2 Druids, the lowest wins a level, if you have 4, the lowest 2 win a level each
+ Excellent for the early game, outnumbering and beating the enemy team
– its value falls at the end of the game

3 Dodge unit gains + 20% Evasion, 6 they win cias + 45%, 9 gains + 75%
+ Excellent against Assassins and other Alliances that increase physical damage and basic attacks
– Ineffective against Wizards, weak against Brawny units, weak against CC [19659009] 2 ruthless units give enemies an armor disadvantage of -5, increased to -10 by 4 and -20 by 6
+ Excellent against all alliances
– Fragile against heavy CC , needs to be paired with physical damage traffickers

2 Humans get a 20% chance of silencing a target for 4 seconds with each attack, 4 gain 44% chance, 6 gain 66% chance
+ Excellent against wizards and CC
– Weak against murderers and other alliances that increase physical damage and basic attacks

3 Hunter Units get 20% chance of a double attack, 6 have 35% chance
+ Easy to assemble 3, p late game play
– Extremely fragile against elusive and muscular enemies and countered with CC

2 Inventor Units win +15 HP regeneration, 4 gain +40 HP regeneration
+ Good for initial stages with 2 or 3 units in total per team
– Weak in later stages with more units per unit team

2 Knights receive -15% of physical and magic damage, increased to -30 if they are at a cell away from each other. 4 Knights earn -20% or -40% if they are 1 cell away, 6 Knights earn -30% or -55% if they are 1 cell away
+: 2 The Knight bonus is excellent for the stages initials, if you can gather them early on
– Knights are higher levels, they can easily separate more than 1 cell away, vulnerable to CC

Dota Underlords Knight Alliance

3 magicians give enemies a damage of magic resistance of -40% , increased to -100% for 6 magicians
+ Excellent against agglomeration, high damage, strong against Elusives
– weak in the first battles with few units, soft, easily countered by Knights, Brawny, CC, Scaling and Human

2 Primary Units gain a 30% chance of disarming opponents who attack them, 4 Primary Units grant this bonus to the entire team
+ Strong against physical damage and basic attacks
– Weak against wizards and CC, hard to com Binar with other alliances

2 wild units give all allies + 10% attack damage, increase to + 25% by 4, and + 45% by 6
+ Easy to install t 2 wild units in any large-scale competition
– Weak in the early stages with small teams

2 scaled units give all allies + 30% magic resistance, increased to + 50% by 4
+ Strong against wizards [19659080] – Fragile against physical damage, basic attacks

3 Scrappy units grant a random +9 Ally to Armor and +8 to HP Regeneration, doubled if you have fewer units than your opponent at the start of the game. 6 Scrappy Units increase this bonus to all Allies
+ Easy to assemble 3 Scrappy Units in any large team
– the random distribution of bonuses is unpredictable, impossible to manage in small teams

3 Shaman Units can weaken to enemies for – 200% mana regeneration with every hex, silence or stun cast
+ Excellent against all enemies that depend on mana and throwing abilities, especially dragons
– Shamans are often soft , weak, weak damage against humans and other Shamans

Dota Underlords Shaman Alliance

2 Troll Units gain +35 Attack Speed, increased to +65 Attack Speed ​​and +30 Attack Speed ​​for all Allies if there are 4 Trolls present
+ 2 Trolls are easy to assemble on any large team
– 4 Trolls can form a soft, weak team against Brawny, Elusive, CC and Primordials

2 Warlock units form a link with the lower HP Ally with each spell cast, which heals them for 50% of the damage they both deal with; increased to 100% healing for 4 sorcerers, and 150% for 6 sorcerers
+ Easily adapts to any team, large or small
– low damage, vulnerable to CC, weak against shamans and humans [19659010] 3 Warrior Units win +10 Armor each, increased to +15 by 6, and +25 by 9
+ Easily fits into any large team
– Under damage, weak against Mages and Heartless

Current Meta Heroes in most online sources, nicknamed the level & # 39; S & # 39 ;:

Medusa – the passive Split-Shot ability makes it a of the best options for enemy heroes with summons and for other minions and mobs. Stone Gaze is priceless against melee opponents with a strong attack

Dota Underlords Medusa

Doom – when updated, Doom inflicts huge amounts of melee damage and with a Blink Dagger, he is the best to eliminate squishies enemies and remote units [19659010] Tidehunter – As in DOTA MOBA, Tidehunter is the best for CC in Underlords, and is also tanky

Sniper – when it is updated and well protected in a corner, perhaps Sniper can sometimes defeat enemies with a single shot, making him one of the best distance damage dealers

Lycan – with an adaptability of three alliances, Lycan is a Versatile melee damage dealer, who can easily get 3 stars and after he changes shape, the fun begins

Dota Underlords Meta Heroes

Be that as it may, in Dota Underlords it is difficult to have real value by owning these Met to current Heroes for, as mentioned, the Alliances are your daily bread. It may be more useful to focus on the research of Meta Alliances, which are currently Warriors (mainly) and Hunters (desirable). Medusa is a strong hero, but perhaps the only one who is really Meta today, while others must be taken with a grain of salt. Our DOTA Underlords tips and tricks will be updated periodically as the game evolves. Pay attention!

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