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Doom Eternal game when you get too close, the fascinating red planet fills the entire screen. A huge chunk was torn and I’m running between pieces of rocky debris that smashes a loose and slaughtered devil with a super shotgun.

Doom Eternal Review

The sequel to the best reboot of 2016, Doom Eternal is a game of scale and impossible to drama. It seems almost boring compared to previous games. Marty Stratton, producer of Doom Eternal, says, “From the beginning our goal was to fight in unbelievable places and to surprise every step.” Hugo Martin, the creative director used by two developers several times in an interview, says: “But dynamics also contribute to it.

Doom Slayer can now grab surfaces with specific textures to greatly open up the level design. He can jump in the air and jump across a wide gap to a climbable surface. “These new features aren’t just for show because they’re combined with visual set pieces,” Martin says. “You have to think the way through Dom Eternal’s level design.

Doom Eternal official E3 story trailer

To get past the chaos of floating cosmic rocks, you need to grab them at the last minute. Otherwise you will fall into the empty space below. Like the guns in the series, this new movement control is smooth and responsive. But sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m playing a Doom game. I ask the developers how they are keeping the unique feel of this series while all these wild new things are going on.

It feels like Doom as long as the player acts aggressively as a solution to all problems,” Martin says. “Everything the player takes is aggressive, like hands cuddling like a rock, crawling like a bear, breaking a chain, or breaking a wall. All of this is reflected in the idea of ​​Doom Slayer, reinforcing his role in the world.

Another thing to note in the demo is that the flow of levels feels much more organic than anything in the 2016 game. Marty Stratton said, “The last destiny was fun, but there was a monotony. “In the latter part, it felt especially like hallways, stadiums, hallways, stadiums.

Doom Eternal has magnificence for the battle arena or battle arena that Hugo calls. But the space between them, the glue of the level, is not just taking you from one place to another. This time I hope to get more involved with this.

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Eternal destiny

Of course, there are a lot of exploration and secrets. Of course it’s a big part of all Doom games. We want players to use their minds. There is also a fun, simple but attractive puzzle. Puzzle with a small P. Combat puzzle. We really want to have fun between the fights. I knew the previous destiny was a bit repetitive, but the eternal regeneration was surprised at how diverse it was. Between each different firing mode, new demons doing different actions, and different guns with various new abilities, there are tons to think in every firefight.

If you need health, immediately perform cruel and deadly kills on injured enemies. Do you need armor? Bake enemies with a new shoulder-mounted flamethrower. One of the most exciting and dynamic first person battles I’ve played. Marty Stratton said, “We were authorized to make this decision. “If you are in poor health, you know that there are tools for your health.

There are 15 ways to get health. You can find it in the world as usual, but it’s really about the glory of killing enemies. Or if you need armor, you can use a flame. We do not hide this stuff. You are in the hands, not the level designer. We want to keep thinking. That’s the key to participation, ”says Hugo Martin. “A game that gives something to the master is a game that is worth it.

Especially at the end of the demo, one battle felt like a tumbler. I had to constantly think about the enemies that I had to deal with first, without holding their breath using a jump pad. It was cruel, refreshing and difficult. But as a result of each attempt, it was a little better and the satisfaction of eventually hitting it was tremendous.

Deadly enemy

The new devil is a big part of what makes the battle interesting after returning from Doom 2. I ask two developers which of the new top fighters likes to fight the most. Martin mentions a three-legged devil who can throw an energy shield, “I like the body very much. “It can stop you from the death of glory and protect other AIs. Doom Eternal has a lot to do. Balanced very well Rocket launcher is more powerful, but the rocket moves slower, inflicting more self-damage and less ammunition.

So if you miss a rocket, it hurts more and blows it over your face, making your body shield tough. You really have to think about using a rocket launcher when facing them. I like Mancubus,” Stratton says. “He is not new but updated. He and many other gravity have these weaknesses.

For example:

You can shoot a Mancubus gun from your arm. It is very satisfying to hear metallic flickering sounds, where they are destroyed. In this way, you can actually weaken the enemy, and you have to do it because of the depth of the battle and the layers to peel off. “Doom is fun, power fantasy, rock’n’roll,” says Martin. “But we want to make a wise game with a range of mastery where every decision makes sense. Learn as you play and get better. Every time you die we want to feel like you have learned something.

You know the game did not spoil you. It was a messy person and I want to go back and get another scene. It’s really hard, but it seems to have been discovered by accident in Eternal. Eternal has a double devil, but Stratton emphasizes that it’s not just because it looks great on the feature list, but rather an attempt to make the game more attractive.

A range of levels, level design, to challenge players throughout the game.” “I am constantly chasing new enemies. Honestly, I reached the peak in the game in 2016. You can go to the stadium and see the same targets and handle them easily. But it won’t happen here.

You will have to reorganize your priority list several times during battle and decide which weapons and mods to use. I hope you won’t hit the brick wall as a whole, whether it’s a devil or level design.

Doom Eternal Story

One of the drawbacks of the previous game is that there is an amazing story to snack even though it is a full action game. Eternal is the same, but the player who wants to get rid of the body must actively decide. “A story is about increasing engagement and adding some context to the experience,” Stratton says. “With plots, environmental storytelling and worldviews, we want to offer you everything you do.

But we want to keep it concise and meaningful. We tend to focus on stories about where you are going and what you are doing. The general high level idea of ​​why you are doing this should be clear. This is the main route. ” More importantly, for id software, in terms of story, the Doom Slayer should feel like a Doom Slayer. Trick makes you feel like the characters in the story behave the same way they play,” Stratton says.

Playing Doom Eternal is a terrifying malicious killing machine and tells you exactly who you are. The technology that supports Doom Eternal is the first game to use id Tech 7, the latest ID in-house engine. Says Stratton. “It’s one of the biggest improvements that can make a bigger world. The level is two or three times the range of the 2016 game, which is a direct result of using id Tech 7.

It also makes the game more destructible. Whether it’s enemies or levels. You will see moments and destructive pieces on a huge epic scale that goes back to the invasion of destruction. This is an entirely new technical system we have developed. We are sure that we are calling this id Tech 7 in the last game with id Tech 6. It has evolved in every way. Older Doom has always been one of the best reboots, but it wasn’t wide enough.

That’s why I’m very happy about Doom Eternal. Because it’s like a fierce, fast and thrilling battle, but more is going on. By moving the Doom Slayer a little more, significantly increasing weapons, and putting twice as many demons in the slaughter, Eternal has become one of the best items in the Doom series so far. If they can maintain the quality of my demo for the entire game, you are in hell of a treat.

Doom Eternal new gameplay

The first was Doom Eternal’s full 10 minute gameplay demonstrating new gameplay elements, including Doom Slayer 2.0. Players will steer this updated slayer and will have new armor, flamethrowers and shoulder-mounted cannons, expandable arm blades for melee attacks, and new dashing abilities. It also featured an upgraded gun, including Super Shotgun’s new Meat Hook attachment that pulls the Slayer to demons.

This video also introduces old and new enemies. This includes Pain Elemental, Archvile and Arachnotron from the old Doom titles, and new enemies include Doom Hunter and the damaged Marauders. The game’s new “Destructible Devil” system shows enemies that are gradually tearing down by knocking them down.

The studio showed that a completely new invasion mode is appearing in Doom Eternal, where players can invade other campaigns as demons in a similar way to Dark Souls. But eternal players can actually form teams to invade other players into groups of demons.

Id said, “We are no longer building Doom games to build more knowledge and stories about Dom, but rather the Doom universe.” Following Doom (2016), Doom Slayer is now fighting the demons in hell, literally on Earth, but it’s not the only place players can visit. The gameplay of Phobos, one of Mars’ two months, was also shown during the keynote, which can be seen below.

Doom Eternal Players

The creators of the upcoming Doom Eternal presented the game for the first time to the public today by providing a traditional hype that makes a bigger and worse sequel than the next one. And they gave a surprise to the evil spirit style player invasion. The long gameplay demo is part of id’s (and Bethesda’s) annual showcase as part of the keynote delivered by Quakecon,. As soon as two of the top developers of the game pitched and the video came out, the main character of the upcoming first-person shooter took the enemy’s heart and dropped it into the throat.

In the video above, there are all Doom Eternal gameplay shown today. Rub up to 1:16:00 to start watching. Doom, released in 2016, was an important win that balanced shooting and melee based on the idea that video game shootouts became more exciting and unstoppable and shoot out of cover when you had to keep moving. Today’s video showed a wide variety of actions focused on blending more dynamic wall climbing with swipes and gun attacks on wrist-mounted blades.

There is still a chainsaw. The first part of the demo was set in the devil-filled district urban area and showed a more colorful neon environment than you can see in the first game. However, most of them seemed to match the 2016 game and just increased. The late stage was set near Mars’ moon Phobos and battled across the space station. It ended with the Doomslayer hero getting ready to wield the sword.

Game director Marty Stratton said, the lead character was upgraded to “the most powerful and powerful hero we have made. Hugo Martin, the creative director of the game, promised twice as many enemies in the game as before 2016. The developer said that in a game design like the Devil’s Soul, you can control the devil and break into other players’ games. Players can form teams when they break in, and developers say that those who don’t want to break can turn them off.

Doom Eternal release platforms

Doom Eternal will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, PC, PS4, & Xbox on November 22, 2019.

The last is a wonderful thing. Previously, Doom was ported to Switch, but the console’s weak horsepower was left as a sequel to other devices. Happily not for Nintendo owners.

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