Don’t like today’s smartwatches? Just build your own

Smart watch is difficult. Technology must work not only internally but also as a fashion statement. Because it is a product that is always worn. Compare products or do what Samson March product designers do Engadget to create your own products from scratch.

Further, March (19459008) looked at all the files for his processes and builds in great detail. This means that you can build with a little (fine, good and many) work. Your own smart watch too.

Clearly, this is not for a faint heart. Despite the March guidelines, you need to create March, provide parts, assemble circuit boards, assemble all, and install software with a 3D printable wood / plastic blend. Execution. In March, we also created a charging dock that can recharge the watch without stopping the clock.

dont like todays smartwatches just build your own

Given the overall size of the finished product and the fact that it was built from scratch in March literally it is an incredibly impressive achievement. The finished product can last up to 7 days with battery life, display reminders on your phone, and recharge in about two and a half hours. Some of the more authentic commercial smart watches can manage better specifications.

Do you want to make your own building? You can find all the technical details in the Github repository in March.

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