Donald Trump uses Twitter’s earnings to make more claims of “total bias”

Donald Trump argued that after seeing the Fox Business Report on Twitter 's recent revenue calls, Twitter is suppressing his followers because of political bias.

This morning Trump "Twitter removed a lot of people from my account, and more importantly, it seemed to seem more difficult to participate in. – They hindered everyone from growing up to an obvious point. It was Rocket Ship, it's now Blimp! Total Bias? "

. We discussed quarterly earnings reports on Twitter. According to the report, Twitter lost 9 million accounts in the last quarter, with a loss of $ 1 million in the previous quarter. According to Twitter, this tremendous loss is due to automated and spam account bulk deletion. Fundamentally, this means that over the years it has been overestimating the number of users and is now trying to correct it.

Twitter spokesperson The Verge says, "Our focus is on the health of our services and prevent malicious behavior The number of followers has been reduced by many well-known accounts, but the result is a high sense of trust that their followers are real and engaged. "

Trump is a Twitter ) Denounced a massive deletion of a real conservative user's account and suppressed his followers. But Washington Post Journalist Brian Fung identified Trump's claim that lost "many people" and found that his followers actually rose in October.

Twitter began asking new users to check their email address or phone number in June. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey yesterday touted anti-spam measures. It is not a big hurdle for most people unless you create a large number of accounts with a burner email address. It also began with fuzzy for several months.

Ironically, it is very positive to post a Twitter earnings on Fox Business's site. It describes the stock of Twitter as "surging" and the company earns money even with a small number of users. In fact, this marks the first year that Twitter has made a profit. On the other hand, Twitter was just as expensive as the "Locket Ship" because it was seen early this year as it had fallen sharply since its earnings report earlier this year.

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