Donald Trump is reportedly no fan of self-driving cars

The president of the USA UU., Donald Trump, a man accustomed to being driven wherever he goes, is not a fan of self-management technology. Citing four sources who have seen and heard Trump comment on autonomous vehicles, Axios says that the president's attitude in private is one of express antipathy: "Yes, that's great, but I never got into a car self-driven … I do not trust any computer that takes me around, "Trump is said to have told an enthusiastic owner of Tesla at his golf club Bedminster in 2017.

In other conversations about Air Force One and the White House, it is said that the president of EE. UU He acted hypothetically in auto-driving car accidents, denouncing the loss of human control: "Can you imagine, you are sitting in the back seat and, suddenly, this car is zigzagging around the corner and you can not stop the thing? "Although it is ironic in the context of being delivered while flying in an airplane that travels primarily by autonomous systems, Trump's comments reflect a broader mistrust of the still-incipient self-driving vehicle technology. AAA last summer found that 73 percent of American drivers would be very afraid to travel in a fully autonomous vehicle.

Despite the president's private comments, the current US administration has been reluctant. to regulate the cars that drive by themselves … On the contrary, the National Traffic Safety Administration on the Reel The country is working on the rewriting of safety rules to allow autonomous driving on public roads. Then, despite Trump's characteristically bombastic language and descriptions, this remains an area of ​​public administration where his personal opinions do not translate into the general policy of the government. For now.

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