DJI denies that it’s discontinuing its iconic Phantom drones

See the picture at the top of this post? You do not need to say it is a DJI phantom because you already know it. It instantly recognizes and fascinates imitators around the world with a virtually circular unmanned aerial vehicle design. And now there is a rumor that DJI kills the owner.

Smaller than the rumor Well . Because Romeo Durscher, DJI's director of public safety integration, told the Drone Owners Network last month on the podcast, "The Phantom line has ended, except for the Phantom 4 Pro RTK." Witnessed DroneDJ .

Durscher's answer was a response to a question that had been in the minds of aviators for a while. What happened to Phantom 4? Every single version of the latest Phantom has been out of stock for at least a month because it stores commercial RTK models.

And today, DroneDJ reports that Phantom 5, which is not known to have interchangeable lenses, has been canceled. Besides.

One small question about this: DJI denies that the report is true. "Romeo misspoke" DJI Communications Director Adam Lisberg tells The Verge :

"DJI is no longer able to produce Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 UAVs until further notice due to lack of supplier parts. DJI's official statement uses DJI's Mavic series drones as an alternative solution,

DridDJ's photo montage

"In relation to the Phantom 5 rumors, Phantom 5 is a good way to get rid of the Phantom 5, DroneDJ

told me that the leaked photos of the suspicious Phantom 5 (see above) were actually a one-off design for the customer last fall If you want to sell your Pantom UAV, then DJI may have a shortage of parts after 5 months, There is a lot of difficulty in designing and manufacturing lenses and lenses – only one customer is not Saudi royalty – killing Phantom is also not difficult – when DJI has already folded Mavic in his pocket,

But I think DJI is short-sighted: the original symbolic UAV design and name are easy to use, so I was a little surprised to see the end of the Phantom line.

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