Disney takes even greater control of Hulu after AT&T sells stake

AT & T sold its 10 percent stake in Hulu to today's broadcast service for $ 1.43 billion, in a move it will now give to Disney (which had already gained a majority stake in Hulu through its purchase of Fox) even more control. ahead.

After the purchase, that puts Disney's stake in Hulu as the owner of 66 percent of the service, and Comcast owns the remaining 33 percent. As a sign of how quickly this has progressed, last year, Hulu was still divided equally between Disney, Fox and Comcast, each with a 30 percent reduction in the company, along with the 10 percent share of AT & T

Disney that gains even more control over Hulu could also mean a radical change in what is even Hulu. At this time, the site offers streaming content from a wide variety of providers, including NBC and Universal, owned by Comcast, and networks owned by AT & T such as TBS and TNT.

But with AT & T no longer in the game and the balance of power changes strongly in favor of Disney, it is easy to imagine a future in which Comcast and AT & T will withdraw their programs entirely in favor of their own transmission efforts, leaving Hulu as an exclusive Disney Service that complements the next Disney +. Disney has even hinted at it, with the company highlighting in recent days the different roles it intends for Hulu and Disney + (Hulu offers more mature content) and even the possibility of a joint package.

And while that's good for Disney, it's a decidedly less attractive future for consumers, who could see one of the latest streaming services to offer content from the entire fractured network at even more monthly rates to watch all your shows.

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