Disney CEO says filming in Georgia will be ‘very difficult’ if abortion ban goes into effect

Once the new controversial abortion bill in the United States goes into effect, Disney can stop filming and TV programs in Georgia, said CEO Bob Iger. Reuters

Iger Reuters was asked about the company's plan to continue the largest film shoot in Georgia under the Abortion Act. Abortion is a doctor's heartbeat of fetus. It is an unquestionable ban. It is best to think that even if a woman is not aware of a pregnancy, she may have a heartbeat within 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Losing Disney will be a huge blow to the annual tax credit income by allowing studios to shoot in other areas. Disney Black Panther Captain America: Civil War and is one of the most prominent films in the studio, shooting the largest and most amazing work in Georgia, including the Avengers. The Infinite War . The governor of Georgia said Georgia helped to spend nearly $ 2.7 billion in direct spending in Georgia in 2017.

The annual windfall may soon drop dramatically. Iger said he does not think the law will go into effect on January 1, 2020, adding that it would be very difficult to continue shooting in Georgia. Reuters Those who work for us will not want to work there, and we will have to pay attention to their wishes for that, "said Iger. Reuters " "

When the law is passed, the only company that threatens to stop shooting in Georgia is not Disney," said Netflix Senior Content Officer Ted Sarandos. "If the bill goes into effect, "

Sarandos said in a statement to Variety earlier this week that" many women in Georgia are strictly limited to the rights of others along with millions of people by this law. "If the bill has not yet been enacted, we will continue filming, "

Both companies spend considerable time in Georgia, and Disney is also planning to use Georgia in some Disney + programs, such as Kristin Bell's new series Encore Netflix, on the other hand, shoots movies like Stranger Things and movies Holidate .

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