Discord’s game store launches globally today with indie gems like Hollow Knight and Dead Cells

Discord's digital gaming store, which was launched in Canada in August for the first time to 50,000 users, is now available in public beta capacity worldwide, the company announced today. The marketplace called Discord Store is available in 22 titles, including indie jewels such as Team Cherry Hollow Knight Dead Cells and Into The Breach . Five of these 21 titles are categorized as "First on Discord", which means that the disc title for that title is the major release at the time of release.

Discord is one of the fastest growing game-centric companies in the last decade, centered on PC games that combine voice and text chat with a powerful platform for third-party integration. Launched three years ago, the program uses 150 million registered users and many people use it as a way to chat and see what their friends are doing at the moment.

Because Discord controls too much of the social aspect of the game, it is now widely adopted in the PC ecosystem and competing with the Valve 's Steam Marketplace. It is far and away the largest PC game distribution platform. Discord's play has many meanings. If you can bypass Steam, your company can be your only destination to buy games, start games, chat with friends about the game, and talk to each other in real time. Play that game. Meanwhile, Valve borrowed Disord's chat feature to make Steam an attractive place to spend time and chat with friends rather than just a barebone game store.

Of course, Discord needs to invite famous game creators to court to support a well-known platform. On the other hand, the largest publishers in the industry, such as EA, Epic, and Ubisoft, bypass the third-party platform. Have the player use their software. Currently, the company places its store as a true Steam competitor and chooses carefully chosen games. Discord Chief Marketing Officer Eros Resmini said in an August interview in The Verge "The choice is driven by more friendship and play than is currently possible in the ecosystem." Discord's goal is to bring players together I will. "

As part of its global store availability, Discord has introduced a new universal library feature that allows you to start playing games like: Discord Is also expanding its Nitro gaming subscription service, which will work with a game subscription service similar to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, which is currently $ 9.99 and offers more than 80 titles. In addition to the new game library, all standard features such as custom Discord tags, high quality screen sharing, upload restrictions, etc. are still available.

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