Disabled by default: Microsoft ups the ante in its war against VBScript on Internet Explorer

Microsoft is dealing with the seemingly endless dribble of security issues with VBScript cushioning its screams. At least in Internet Explorer 11.

The browser gang had already disapproved of the technology in Internet Explorer 11 unless you really wanted to, but, as of July, the bet went up by disabling it by default for untrusted areas for Windows 10 By August 13, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will follow suit, thanks to a cumulative update.

If you absolutely must have VBScript for that dazzling old site that should have been removed eons ago, legacy scripting language can still be reactivated by site security zone, through a registration hack or through a Group policy, but the message is clear: Microsoft wants you to stop using it on their sites. Now.

Microsoft first began its repeated attempts to eliminate technology four years ago, with the arrival of Windows 10 and the Edge browser finally doomed. At that time, the company was eager to announce the removal of technology such as ActiveX and VBScript from its Internet Explorer replacement.

However, Microsoft has to do with compatibility with earlier versions, and VBScript limped in the legacy document mode in Internet Explorer 11 while Edge singularly failed to turn on the world. Two years ago, Microsoft gave users the ability to block the execution of VBScript for all document modes, but the lapa type engine still clung.

Therefore, it will now be disabled by default for IE11 and WebOC (Web Object Controls, also known as embedded IE) for Internet and untrusted areas, which probably means that in trusted sites (and probably intranet), it will be enabled

Introduced in 1996, VBScript served a purpose similar to JavaScript in the paranoid eyes of the Windows giant. . It also helped that it was much easier to enter the army of Microsoft Visual Basic programmers than the latter.

As expected for the Microsoft of the time, was not in the competition browsers, after all, the Internet Explorer leadership at the beginning of the new millennium seemed impregnable.

Oh, dear.

Fortunately, the number of websites that use VBScript in the browser decreased with the market share of Internet Explorer, although technology has maintained a foothold in the world of Active Server Pages (ASP) servers: the old one Microsoft web application technology prior to .NET.

The engine has also continued to make news for all the wrong reasons thanks to remote code execution vulnerabilities, allowing criminals to do all kinds of unpleasant acts with carefully crafted web pages.

While the engine will continue to live in the company, there are lines and lines of things that are used to paste legacy s andstems join and automate all kinds of processes: their disappearance by default in Internet Explorer 11 can be archived under " about time too. " ®

Balancing consumerization and corporate control

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