DirectX 11 Free Download Windows 10 – 8.1 & 7 [32Bit & 64Bit]

Being in a Microsoft program is not something difficult or irritating to handle if you are using a great window. Well, I am referring to the window that offers you a better and bigger platform to handle multiple tasks such as multimedia, different applications, videos and game programs, etc. We have captured the details of this fantastic DirectX 11 platform for you. [19659002] You can get the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis and download DirectX 11 easily. In this, all the features of DirectX 10 have been preserved, but some additional features have been added to make beneficial programs work.

It is a collection of many APIs, the word X represents a unique collection of programming applications. interfaces

History and brief introduction

When Microsoft was about to launch the new window with the names of Windows 95 at the end of 1994, the problem arose. This was that the previous DOS system supports some programs and games even better than Windows 95. The problem existed in many attempts of the trial version, but there was a need to solve this problem.

Then, in 1995, the first version of DirectX was released as the window games SDK. He participated to maintain all versions of MS Windows and made diversified programs with greater ease. Later, the team faced even more challenges to incorporate high and better performances.

DirectX 11 was unveiled in Seattle at an 08th gaming festival event. It has the best GPGPU support features of the direct 3D series. In addition, it has given the advantage to game developers by helping them prepare the program that uses the multi-core processor in a better way. The multi-thread support has been developed. Another better feature is that this DirectX 11 runs in windows like window 10, window 7 and window 8.

DirectX 11 features:

This is the latest version presented by Microsoft and has the most useful functions. effective and appropriate to depend on. This has improved the capacity, as well as the level of performance. The most notable features of DirectX 11 are as follows

  • It is running in windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • Performance has improved when the WDDM 1.2 version is supported.
  • From the XNA networks, the libraries Xaudio2, DirectX Math and XInput have been included.
  • Direct 3D has been compatible with the multi-threading function.
  • Including the RT version.
  • 5.0 shared model
  • It also includes stereoscopic 3D support for the programming of games and videos.
  • DirectX runs on the Xbox. The DirectX 11.2 version has a feature of the Draw package.
  • HDR texture compression is the enhanced feature of DirectX 11.
  • Hardware tiling is also part of this DirectX 11.

Security and protection concerns: [19659006] DirectX 11 is absolutely safe to use . It has covered the most effective support window operating systems. To avoid other additional viral sources, when downloading DirectX 11, download from the official sites. Even if you want this program to be updated, visit only the official sites. This will make your window even more secure against various software.

Reinstallation of DirectX 11:

Well, DirectX 11 can not be reinstalled. It can only be repaired or updated.


DirectX 11 does not need to be introduced, we all know that it has been shown that it is the best programmer for PC players that offers the best visual and audio experience. It has all the required features of DirectX 10 and is specifically for window 10, window 8 and window 7. It is designed to improve the processing and performance of all the windows mentioned above.

DirectX Free Download:

There are different versions of DirectX 11 available on the market such as Direct X 11.2 and DirectX 11.3. The installation process is very easy to proceed. You can have the GPU compatibility test too. download the most recent and updated version of DirectX 11 for XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8 and 10.


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