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Digimon Links Game has chosen the best Digimon to defeat The Boss as a great turn-based strategy game for Android. The strategies will help you win Mega Digimon, defeat the mighty Digimon in Digimon Link and save the world. Digimon Link is one of the best strategy games for Android and presents hundreds of powerful digimon, stages and lyrical missions.

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Your goal is to collect groups and train Digimon to rebuild the digital world. And to do this you must defeat many powerful Digimon and it will not be easy. In this post, I described the Tricks Digimon Link Tips Tricks and a strategy to complete your goals quickly.

Like other games, Digimon Links starts with a tutorial and learns the basics of the game. How to play Digimon Links in education, exchange, digitization, installations and more. At the end of the tutorial, you can play independently if you wish. First we learn the basic concepts of the game.

What you have to do! As mentioned above, you must collect clusters to reconstruct the digital world. The collection of conglomerates can be done by defeating many powerful Digimon, evolving to low level Digimon at the highest level, or acquiring a rare and spectacular Digimon.

After completing the tutorial, you must complete the search. The more you clean the steps in the mission, the more rewards you will get. Sculpture, Digimon Fuel, Cluster and Decimon stone. Digmark Links Apk offers different types of missions, each with different rewards. I will explain all these missions. In Digimon Links, the usual missions are the main missions. Always available.

You can win clusters, diglolution fules, EXP and unlock new installations by winning this mission. Daily Quest is a temporary search for the game Digimon Links. The main objective to complete it is to obtain Digivolution fuel. It is characterized by three levels of difficulty. Easy, normal and difficult. You need a strong Digimon party to win a difficult level. By winning this mission you will get the data you need for DigiVolve Mega. Advent missions are only available for a limited period of time.

It is one of the best ways to acquire data fragments in the Digimon Links application. difficulty; Easy, normal and difficult. I need a mission ticket. Get it using DigiStones. In this part, you will learn about Digimon skills, friendship, awakening and state. Digimon Links Each Digimon has several technologies. You use this ability to hit the scam in a timely battle. Some Digimon have special abilities. If one of your Digimon has a special ability, the skill medal will be displayed in the statistics.

Links to Digimon game overview tips for android

It is related to the investigation. Tap Digi Devices -> Education -> Studios. At least two mega digimons are needed for this purpose. You can use the research feature to increase or reactivate Digimon statistics. When the friendship of the predetermined Digimon is maximum. The friendship at the maximum level increases the status of the Digimon. The level of friendship determines the friendship between you and your Digimon. You can build a friendship by playing Digimon on the farm or winning a battle.

Use DigiStones to summon Digimon. Digimon Links game there are many ways to get a Digimon. Weird, common, Mega. Did you get a duplicate Digimon? You can deactivate it and import a segment or group of data. Go to Education, Digimon List? Choose Release, Duplicate Digimon, and OK. You can use Digivolve if one of the Digimons reaches its maximum level and you have enough Digivolution fuel. Touch Digi device, Digivolve, Digimon, fine, Digivolve button to confirm. You can level up the daemon when you fight or win.

If you feed Digimon, it will work as EXP. You can add one or more installations to your digital / farm world to get more meat. You can access this function in the Training section. Digimon is one of the best ways to raise your level. You must choose the default Digimon (level up) and Digimon Partner. This process eliminates the Digimon partner and the base wins the Digimon experience. In other words, you have to build a powerful and powerful Digimon team and defeat the enemy.

To create a powerful party, collect the pieces (complete the mission, reveal the duplicated Digimon) and use DigiStones to summon the strange Digimon. . The cooperative gets the first link bonus. In Co-Op mode, you and your friend will cancel the mission together and request the bonus of the first link. The Cop-Battle mode is one of the best ways to get DigiStones for free in the Digimon Links game. You will get 100 DigiSone (10 DigiStone * 10 users) + 120 DigiStones (3 DigiStone * 40 users [11-50 people]). Complete search to obtain free pieces of data. Daily Quest is one of the best ways to get fuel.

Using the exchange function, do not use DigiStone in a useless situation. Construction speed, feed the dragon. If the house is full, unlock some Digimon to get groups and pieces of data. Take the survey when the Bass Digimon friendship level is maximum. Use the Improve feature to upgrade the Digimon. There are limited AP in combat and APks must use technology. Do not use skills in the first rounds, except boss rounds. Choose the best combination for combat and use the correct time and enemy skills.

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