Destiny 2 New Light 2021: Free to Play Now

Destiny 2, New Light lets anyone play Bungie’s sci-fi sci-fi shooter without spending a dime. Destiny 2, free play points to introduce the core content of the game without artificial limitations. You can play as many New Lights as you want, starting at the maximum possible power level for available content.

However, there are some limitations and I can’t immediately know what all the Destiny 2 light contents are, so I’ve written a complete guide that covers everything you can, can’t, and can’t do with New Light.

What is Destiny 2 new light?

Again, New Light is Destiny 2 free play point. It’s not a demo or trial. Paired with New Light, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is a full version of the free full version that focuses on previously released content. This allows players to sample numerous Destiny 2 activities and destinations and play with friends without spending a dime.

Can Destiny 2 Lite be used on all platforms?

Yes. You can try Destiny 2, New Light for free on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It also supports the new Destiny 2 cross-save feature, so if you decide to start the game on one platform and move to another, you can bring all your guardians.

What content is Destiny 2 Lite included?

After an opaque release, Bungie recently announced a final content lineup for New Light. Everything included is as follows:

1. New starter mission

New Light received special treatment for new players. A new introductory mission originally set up in Cosmodrome. I don’t want to spoil it anymore, so I will just leave it as it is. Oh, and if you have already played Destiny 2, you will experience this mission.

2. All destinations

That’s right, New Light comes with every planet and hub in Destiny 2, including the DLC region. European Dead Zone (EDZ), Nessus, Titan, Io, Mars, Moon, Dreamy City, Tangled Shore, Mercury, Towers and Social Space of Farm. But you can’t access everything in this area. For example, you can’t make a Broken Throne Dungeon or Last Wish attack in your dream city.

You need to purchase the Forsaken extension to access it. That means you can complete special quests such as Patrols, Lost Sectors, and Revealed Events-mini quests, mini dungeons and random events-as well as Destiny 2 of the Worm missions at all destinations.

3. Third year campaign

Destiny 2 content can be grouped by years, and third graders now begin with Shadowkeep. New Light contains all story content for the first grade. There are a total of three individual campaigns. There is the Red War campaign for the base game, the Curris of Osiris campaign for the first DLC, and the Warmind campaign for the second DLC.

This campaign offers dozens of missions and hours of content. Introducing Destiny 2’s characters and themes, better battle points and many destinations. Even if you are not interested in Destiny 2 as an MMO, this campaign is worth the FPS factor alone.

4. Crucible (PvP)

Competitive players are happy to know that Destiny 2’s PvP mode is included in New Light. You have access to all Crucible playlists and modes such as Control (King of the Hill), Clash (Team Death Match), and Rumble (Free). You’ll also get crucible weapons and armor by completing matches and bounty.

5. Strike (Dungeon)

Strike from Destiny 2 PvE grind meat and potatoes are potatoes. Strike is a 3-person, story-driven dungeon that usually takes 10-20 minutes. They are designed to be played so you can meet slightly different enemies each time. They have some light mechanics, several bosses fight here and there shoot endless friends.

They are a definite source of legendary drops and XP, and a very versatile encounter is incredible especially if you are new. Strike is one of the best ways to get used to the Battle of Destiny 2, learn lessons, find your favorite gun, and feel the loot cycle. You can access the strike through the planet’s launch point for the district’s playlist or for the yearly strike.

6. 1st year raid

Now we arrive at the meat of PvE. Reid is a six-player multilevel dungeon that can take from 30 minutes to three hours (or more), depending on the team’s experience. This is the final game content with the final game loot, so the attack is much more complicated and difficult than the Strikes. The new light comes with three air strikes introduced in the first grade: Leviathan, dinosaurs of the world, and a spire of stars.

These are old raids, but thanks to the new Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 system, the equipment they dropped is still relevant. Aside from that, it’s an exhilarating fight that represents the best that Destiny 2 offers, and everyone should play all raids at least once.

Raids don’t have matchmaking, so you’ll have to build or join your own firefighting team, but you can easily do it through the Destiny 2 mobile app or recruitment forum.

7. Gambit

This activity was introduced in the second year with Forsaken and is between PvE and PvP. Gambit is basically a horde mode where two teams of four teams aim to summon the boss by killing enemies in separate identical arenas while aiming at the other team. Enemies drop tokens called Motes, which must be collected and deposited in the bank to summon the summons.

Banking Motes also creates Taken Blockers, which lock other banks. Once enough Motes have been banked, one player can invade the other team and kill them for Motes. The emirate is repeated until the boss is summoned to die. There’s nothing like Gambit, and it offers the moments of tension and heroes that hurt the chest to the best. It has a big booty pool too, so shoot it for sure.

8. 2 years annual pass activity

Destiny 2 Year 2 consisted of Forsaken Expansion and a 3-Part Annual Pass. Major activities of the annual pass are included in New Light. First forged black arsenal. A Horde mode where you can craft a specific weapon by completing a multi-level bounty.

Here is an advanced version of Gambit Prime with unique armor. Grant bonuses set according to specific roles. Finally, there’s a random multistage dungeon, Menagerie, where players can use certain gear. They are all very funny in their rights, and Bungie has confirmed that they will drop their usual loot to New Light, so they are worth it. If you have any questions, it shows you how the Destiny 2 Menagerie rune combo works.

9. First grade exotic

The most original weapons and armor are exotic grades, and every year the content offers a new kind of exotic items. New Light Player is only accessible to 1st grade exotic players. The exceptions are Thunderlord, Arbalest, Outbreak Perfected, and Bad Juju. Quest Exotics, 1st Grade Exotics, Strike, Raid, Crucible, Bit Comb, What? Everyone was lucky.

In game event

New Light players can not only enjoy seasonal events such as Iron Banner high stake PvP and Solstice of Heroes challenge centered PvE, but also Lost Festival and Dawning like Christmas. This event is always announced in advance via Destiny 2’s game login notifications and official website.

What content is not included in Destiny 2 new Lights?

New Light contains a lot of things, but not everything. You can receive all of the first grade, but only a portion of the second grade. Story content from Forsaken and Annual Pass cannot be used like final game activities like raids (last wishes, past scourge and crown of grief).

Broken Throne Dungeon. Not to mention the nine alternative subclass trees and supers introduced in Forsaken, many exotics and weapons are also excluded from New Light. Most Destiny 2: Shadow Keep content is not reusable, including new raids, dungeons, and story content.

How much does it cost?

If you want to play everything Destiny 2 offers, you can buy Forsaken and Annual Pass for $25, but Shadowkeep can get $35. Future content will be available through the Destiny 2 Season Pass and will cost $10 every three months.

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