Destiny 2 game for PlayStation

It is another time of the year. Yes, another fate 2 expansion is in us. As the first expansion pack to be unaffected by the expansion pass, Forsaken has a lot on his shoulders. If it is bad, there is a possibility that no one will get a new annual pass to do more work next year.

Destiny 2

It’s a little better, but with a little retrofit from under the hood, it’s still a lot more games. After you stop evil and save the universe in the past, the plot of Foseiken is also welcome to drink fresh air. Instead of the magnificent scale of past stories, this is much more intimate and personal.

Destiny 2 game for PlayStation

The death of Cayde 6 and the reaction of the Guardians against it. There is some controversy about how the guardian protects the public and how revenge is the right course of action, but it is a rather simple “eye of the eye”. Let’s do it well. Conspiracy could have been explored in rather funny moral stories. And is it right for the guardian to accurately revenge against the fallen ally? Instead, Forsaken pays lip service to that concept.

With the exception of a few lines of ghosts and jabalas, the idea that the guardians should not revenge quickly got out of the window and was not handled in more detail. Aside from the ridiculous attempts at morality, the plot works. I have grown up to be hating (or at least accepting) Cayde 6 for many years (and I think of many other players).

He is not a deep figure, but original ingenious outlet for humor in Destiny 2 game, is a pretty good character. Not only did Bunge remove the ridiculous part of the Destiny, but he personally created one of the main characters who could really appeal to the game, so his death is more controlled. It is a bigger blow, knowing that it was caused by the actions of former ally Awoken Prince Uldren Sov.

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The motivation of Uldren was not clear at the end, but according to the clumsy results, it was proven that the power to control him was higher as it was corrupted by Taken. Perhaps scattered Codex entries will provide more clues, but most people probably do not have to look for them because they are optional. Fate did not have a consistent plot and did not choose a Codex item that players should gather together.

In Forsaken, that tradition continues to lead to my misery. I like the world and legends, but you should seriously emphasize their story instead of putting all the extra stuff in the Codex item or item description. The conspiracy to revenge Cayde 6 is different from the other extensions, and you almost immediately hit the target.

These eight goals are the direct responsibility of Cayde’s death and the key to stopping Uldren Sov, the murderer of once-ally Cayde. Uldren and his 8 Barron lead a new faction to destiny. Called Scorn, they are made up of dark corrupted dead corrupted soldiers used by The Fanatic, Uldren’s right-hander.

The eight barons all have a wonderful name and personality, and are introduced ominously through a very cool movie. Unfortunately, the hype built by that cutscene is lost quite a lot when you face them away from three (riders, mechanics and riflemen), most of the battles break out into the battle of friction … all bosses of fate It is pretty much like.

You go through all the trivial things and kill everything, and the boss goes in and out to attack you till you’re done. I work with the boss and his colleagues.

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However, the three Baron members are fighting a tremendously cool battle. Rider Battle For example, you steal one of Baron’s bikes and face her in a car showdown. When you try to avoid sniper fire and take out the Baron’s solid light hologram, the Rifleman fight is on the other hand a battle of wit. Destiny 2 servers status, Finally, a mechanic fight is a pure indiscriminate fight.

Most tanks need to be piloted. There is no doubt that it is most fun for me to do a poetry campaign. Sadly, the last one is a big decline for expansion based on knocking down the boss. You do not have to challenge Takes by simply dropping the waves of Taken while you are away from the health of the boss and moving in and out of the main arena.

Frustratedly, you do not even fight Uldren Sov and the aftermath of the last “encounter” with him is anger and ambiguity. The biggest and most noticeable addition is in the form of a new playable Destiny 2 xur location, called Tangled Shore. Like the rest of Destiny, the new area is divided into smaller subsections with self-destruction zones.

Local chests and patrol missions. Locality is not as large as the previous locale, but it compensates for verticality. Jump, climb, and ascend more in a new area than before. New public events are one step back because most regions share the same event. Especially in a very boring place, you must eliminate the wave of enemies and eliminate the mini boss.

Alternatively, the Heroic version of the event is rooted around the boss to prepare for the shipment. It is an unusual event, but it is a common idle to make it appear in many confused coastal areas. In particular, Forsaken is a paid extension, not a free content update. When you start post game content called Dreaming City, another hidden area opens.

This is where you can get another Seed of Light of the class during one of the regularly occurring public events. Players with a power of 550 or higher will need high power level friends. Of the two new areas, the dream city has a unique shape and a narrow space. I wish there were more things, except patrols and public events.


The biggest change was obviously done on the weapon system. But there was a whole reworking of almost every aspect of the game within the hood. Now, guns are grouped into a bullet type instead of a weapon type similar to what was in the original destiny. Updating the original system allows more flexible gameplay settings. You can mount two shotguns as long as the gun is in the primary and secondary slots.

Heavy weapons do not change relatively with rocket launchers, grenade launchers, knives, and other high-damage weapons. Because weapons now offer a random benefit, even copies of the same gun can be performed differently depending on their traits. If you are one of the many who enjoyed hunting the perfect weapon with the best praise, be ready to be back in the pigs’ sky.

Bungie ‘s also now increases the hidden size by 500 slots, making it suitable for people who like to replicate and transform different guns and other items. The star attraction for hoarders should be the new collection tab. The Collections tab collects almost everything you’ve gained from the game.

Exotics, Weapons, Armors, Ghost Bark, Vehicles and Flair. Anything that should be in the collection is unlocked. If you need to buy again, you will have to pay for the collection (which varies by item). This will create a copy in your inventory.

Forsaken also introduces new weapon types. bow. You can get up early and have fun in your campaign. It’s incredibly powerful. Especially when aiming, it has auto-aiming function, so it does not need much skill because it has excellent ability of face assessment. I am not confronted with exotic equivalents, but I am sure the weapon will be an exotic version.

The expansion pack adds a new feature called Triumphs. These are the accomplishments and achievements you have achieved and are recorded in a convenient Destiny 2 xur location they all give you a triumph score, score points and show you various special badges and badges. It’s a pretty neat system that encourages you to do one ton, but I honestly think that the rewards are a bit lacking.

Think about how difficult it can be to achieve victory in particular. A more balanced compensation system (the variety of rewards you get) makes the Triumphs system much more addictive and useful than it is today. With Forsaken, the level can go up to 50 levels and up to 600.

If you do a normal Forsaken mission, it will be 500. Content falls in the form of strikes, dusk attacks, raids and Destiny 2 weekly challenges, against ‘powerful gear’. As with previous extensions, Forsaken includes a new super for each subclass that needs to be unlocked via the game player.


To unlock basic abilities, you need an item called Seed of Light, and if you continue to use that ability, other skills in that tree will be released. The new Supers does not shake the game, but offers more gameplay options. I like the new Titan special. Give your character a mobile shield, shoot your team’s firepower, and you’ll defeat your team’s firepower.

But sometimes I am still practical and I use shields and Bash specials. Depending on the rules, you also get an exotic weapon quest after the game. One of them gets Cayde’s Ace of Spades hand cannon. As always, basketball is still more annoying than ever.

Take a look, Thorn Quest Destiny 2 guide to get thorn,

For example, one of the hand cannon stages described above will play a gambit game mode and invade the other side, killing a total of 5 hand cannons. What if I do not have PlayStation Plus? You’re screwed. I want Bungie to stop pushing players to get Exotics through basketball. At a minimum, make the conditions for people who can not complete (or simply can not complete) the steps more flexible.

If you do not want to do Gambit requirements, it can be difficult to add another way (eg using Hansen or over 500 AI). It should not be opposed to the new Gambit mode, which is still a very good combination of PVP and PVE. In a mirrored Destiny 2 roadmap, four teams of two will face AI controlled enemies. Artificial intelligence kills players when they have to gather.

The core must be kept at a specific point in the Destiny 2 road map choosing to do so plays a big part in your strategy. If you deposit one or two cores, you can make a steady contribution, but if you bank a large number of cores at the same time, your opponent’s blockers will delay the time it takes to keep the cores.

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Walking is a tightrope. It is fun to juggle. Bank 75 core and you will summon the monkey, you need to kill to win the match. Also, portals are opened at specific intervals, and team members can break the maps of other teams and cause some bodily harm. Strategically, invaders cause 30 seconds of confusion, but they can change the course of every game.

Furthermore, if you knock someone down while your monkey is active, the animal actually heals and the team has more time to take down yours. Forsaken also comes with all new bounties. You can get them from almost every major NPC in the game and each NPC specializes in their bounty type.

For example, Spider the new Forsaken NPC specializes in Scorn hunting, hiding the Destiny 2 roadmap of Scorn and hiding them on various maps. The Bounty system was one of the best reasons to keep playing in the first fate, and the huge number of bounties and types that can now be played in Forsaken is far greater than the original.

I hope that Bungie will have more ways to get more powerful gear by adjusting the compensation, including the ‘strong gear’ engram in the future. Speaking of gear, upgrades are now much more expensive and require more material and light.

New features in Destiny 2 game

Fortunately, there is a way to get initial data through Spider, a new Forsaken NPC. He provides an exchange service to exchange faintly shining data by exchanging items such as the masterwork core. It is not cheap, but it is still a good alternative to farming. Especially if you have something to burn and money.

However, the shader is still a once-in-use item and there are not many things done to solve the problem that is piled up in inventory. Master Rahool can now delete in bulk, but manage what you want and the tone you do not have is still a precious inventory. The stash’s inventory has increased, but the player inventory is still the same, so the shader takes up space quickly.

This was a problem since the launch of Destiny 2, game and after three expansions, the problem is still harassing the game. Honestly, why is the shader not included in the collection? It will destroy all issues with a single movement of the player. What’s new in Forsaken means there’s a new tone, but unfortunately it can be a bug. In my play I suffered two flaws.

One is annoying and the other is more problematic. The annoying person is the ‘Join allies’ bug which shows ‘Join allies’ screen. Typically this happens when you are disconnected from a strike or other team event. However, after regenerating from the Respawn Restricted area, there were always several bugs when using solo. The other one is considerable when considering the influence of Triumph.

It occurred in a fight with the rifleman when it reached about half the state of health. Rifleman spawns a bait that needs to be constantly killed. When I was born without fighting against me when I killed about 5 decoys in waves, the rifleman ended up dead in the game, even though there were about half of his lifebars.

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Because of that, I want: Rifleman and Hit List given to kill all Baron Victory is still locked for me, but I have already finished Forsaken’s campaign. The only hope right now is to play with other characters. Or the day missions include the fighting of the rifleman someday and hope it starts right.

Aside from bugs and suspicious decisions, Forsaken is a pretty good expansion of Destiny 2 game more options on how to wear the Guardian and Gambit through a thorough inspection of the weapon are a fun new feature to the game. The improvement in quality of life

Such as the collection function, should have been from the first day, but it was still late. Triumph is a great idea to celebrate the achievements of each player, but I hope that the rewards for achieving high scores will have a greater impact.

Sadly, those who are looking for a more practical plan to reinforce Destiny story will surely want to. Under the new coat of paint, this is still a doom 2. Still authentic, but some of the real issues are still present; One of them is a shader.

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