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Destiny 2 game available on Xbox the game is free to download you can enjoy many new features of this game with latest update Destiny 2 free game, came out a month ago, but so far fans have enjoyed the game and consider it a valuable successor to the previous series.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 free update

This is great news for fans. Newly launched games offer rich stories and rich missions, so you can expect players to expect 40-50 hours of content. In this review, we’ll cover the story with gameplay, graphics, and audio.

It also discusses the future of the game and Bungie’s plans for game developers. New Destiny 2 free update is available in Xbox One. The PS4 , and PC, versions is also available, and the game is available for $ 59.99 at Keengamer, ESHOP, Windows Store and PSN stores.

Story of the game

Game story begins in the last city. The protector returns from the mission and finds that the traveler is being attacked and trapped by the Red Zone. Commander Zavala and his firing squad lead the destroyed city to stop the main ships and armies that attack the city. But when it’s too late and you reach the top of the tower, you are in contact with Ghaul Commander – a proud Red Legion warrior who insults your strength and knocks you down.

Finally, when you wake up, you can see that your light, has disappeared and the city has fallen into the Red Legion. You travel over and over again in hopes of finding someone to talk to when you head over, rescued by a refuge called Suraya Hawthorne. She brings you to a safe haven called “Farm”, and your journey begins here and is your main hub.

The story itself can take about 6 to 7 hours depending on what you do in four different worlds. The story consists of several main missions and sub-story quests that you do not need to do, but you must be at a certain level to access specific story points.

The main mission itself is not long, introducing the enemies you already know in the first Destiny 2 free game, and introducing the old characters you can remember in the first game. The story itself is not bad, it helps you level up for the main end game and it eats some of your time, not bad.

When you have another character that may appear repeatedly after you have already skimmed another character. This story can get the DLC to explain questions that are not covered by people’s hearts in the future.

Mission Gameplay

Gameplay is similar to the first installment. There are three Destiny 2 classes titan, Warlock, and Hunter. Each class has three sub classes, and you can switch between the two Destiny 2 classes by unlocking the class in the story. Dawnblade first appeared in Warlock, Archstrider was the first to use Hunter, and Sentinel was for Titans.

Using a lower rank can be used when the super gauge is full and can be devastating, depending on which is active. Fate 2 still uses the power level system of the first game, but in this game it is easier to raise the power level. Every gun and armor you have is capable of raising the power level.

And the more equipment you have, the higher the level of equipment you can get. Everything in this game is centered around equipment, but getting Exotics and better equipment is no harder than the original. After finishing the main article, spend most of your time doing public events or strike missions and mix things using Crucible’s multiplayer PVP.

Now Bungie has a plan to play out in destiny two this season, we do not know much about what Bungie has in store for this season. But in the future you will be able to talk about DLC talking about the fallen future. Now Bungie seems to add another multiplayer event.

Iron Banner was an event on Destiny 1. This event is team-oriented rather than the usual Crucible mode. With this event, you can get exclusively for that event, and we will see how developers dealt with Destiny 2 here.

Game review

Are you playing with the idea of ​​buying Destiny 2, let me help you. In this Destiny 2 review, we will end the game story and game at the end of the story. Destiny 2 is a bungee’s answer to the fans who complained about the original destiny and converted it. But how? Come with me.

Gamers are well aware that the fate is a well-known MMO RPG, but the original piece is fragmentary and often criticized harshly and sincerely.

Some of the main criticisms came from the poor story of the game and because the developer spent unnecessary paymans to get as much cash out of the game as possible.

Graphics and audio

The audio in this game is great. The music and bass sounds make the battle more intense. When traveling around the world, you will enjoy listening to the powerful music of a powerful opera singer. At other times, you may hear a sound that conflicts with a strong bass sound. The sound of guns and grenades is satisfactory and no sound.

The laser of the cold-heated artillery rifle sounds from the intense sound. The smooth round bursts of the Scout Rifle show most of the guns and grenades used in the game. The graphics at 30 FPS on the console still look great. When you enter the underground Vex base and discover the sun core coming from near the floating rock.

Your visibility is beautiful. Most areas of this game are well shaded for work. If you look closely at other areas, you can see some areas. Overall, however, the game itself looks good, and the PC will look much better.

Destiny 2 is a solid game overall, but if you play the original game and do not like some of your repetitive missions, you might not like it. Destiny 2 free uses the original formula to provide better paint. If you have never played a game, it does not matter whether you like MMO, or not.

Overall I feel this game is a solid title. You have an interesting story to overflow. If you do not like grinding or repetitive missions or even competing multiplayer, you may not like this game, but if you can try or rent the game, I will talk to it. This is a purchase for me and I am curious about your thoughts about the game.

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