Deepfake edits have put Harrison Ford into Solo: A Star Wars Story, for better or for worse

Solo: Star Wars Story will always wave in Star Wars community. How can you eventually reproduce a solo-like role with others besides Harrison Ford? ? 19459003 Solo There is always a way to use AI-based deep-fake techniques to replace actor Alden Ehrenreich with Ford's famous teacup.

The Youtube derpfakes, (and human meme) Nicolas Cage, is used by the community for machine learning-based tools to replace it with a famous movie scene, instead of creating horrific handmade fake celebrity porn.

deepfake edits have put harrison ford into solo a star wars story for better or for worse

I will be completely honest here: derpfakes' clip is undoubtedly technically impressive, but it shows how long this technology has remained. Things like facial expressions and lip movements just do not match. And Ford's face just seems to wander over Ehrenreich, especially in a place that has been lit up earlier in the evening. Lando's dimmer lighting card The next scene in the game is probably due to the far-flung frame and dark lighting of a face, but it's still not a big substitute for real actors. Star Wars Fans will now have to learn how to deal with changes to the franchise.

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