Death Stranding game will be release in PC

As the upcoming games, no longer appears to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, the chances of Death Strand appearing on the PC are greatly increased. A member of the ResetEra, forum (vestan) found on the Australian PlayStation website that Death Stranding no longer exists in the list of PS4 exclusive games.

Death Stranding game

Platform: PC
Release date: November 8, 2019

It also disappeared from the UK site and other official PlayStation sites in Europe, which reinforces rumors that the expected game may no longer be limited to Sony’s home console and come to the PC. Not available on Xbox. This argued that anyone who pinpointed the release date of Death Stranding on the PS4 (November 8) would be a PlayStation exclusive product, but it backs up rumors only before hitting the PC.

Death Stranding trailer

Death Stranding is looking like Call of Duty Black Ops 4, game. A monopoly period of six months or a year is mentioned, but this is only a guess. Another indication that Death Strand will be on the PC was that the official trailer with the PS4 front cover lacked the ‘Only on PS’ label, which adorns the previous PlayStation exclusive.

Of course, in Sony’s initial press release from 2015, it should be remembered that games will be released on PCs after PS4, but none of this is clear evidence. But it was done a long time ago and there is no guarantee that the situation has not changed since then.

But if you put all this together, it’s clear that PC rotation on the strands of death is still going on, even if you’ve stopped quiescently and quietly. Another thing to keep in mind is that Gamescom, is imminent. Kojima Hideo was there to show you a new look for the game. Maybe it’s a proprietary release of the PC version?

When the PC version will release

Who knows, but it’s not beyond the possibilities. When the PC version will release, is the next question exclusive to the Epic Games Store? Most of the online chats seem to be convinced that this is true.

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