CSIXRevit 2018 2019 Free Download

The free download of CSIXRevit 2018 2019 contains all the necessary files to run completely on your system, including all the most recent and updated files in the loaded program, it is completely offline or a single version of CSIXRevit 2018 2019, download free for compatible versions of Windows, at the end Download the link in the publication.

CSIXRevit 2018 2019 Overview

The following Revit column and frame elements are imported into the ETABS Frame Curves Straight frame elements are imported as straight ETABS frame objects. Curved framing elements that do not have the imported form as a series of short ETABS objects based on the lines that define their analytical models. Arc-shaped frame elements are imported as ETABS line objects in the shape of an arc. End points and curves of the frame: for straight columns and frame elements and curved formwork elements that are not arched, the coordinates of the end points of the lines that define the analytical model of the recovered element and the ETABS combined objects with coordinates are created identical [19659004] Image result for CSIXRevit 2018 2019 Free download "width =" 503 "height =" 321 "/>

When the analytical model of the element contains strict links, the ETABS union objects are made at the end of the strict links with the ETAB boards made for link models For the framing elements with form, the coordinates of the endpoints of the elements are imported instead of the endpoints of their analytical models, since these analytical models have a series of short direct segments, and such inspection is not required in ETABS 2013 and beyond … Columns are always imported with Axis 1 and are always imported into Pointing and Beam and Brackets with their Local Axis 1 in the first quadrant , which means that the final seams may have become Waves and Points.

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Features of CSIXR evit 2018 2019

Below are some wonderful features you may experience after installing the free download of CSIXRevit 2018 2019. Please note that your system supports them. The characteristics taken into account can vary and are quite dependent.

  • Export from Revit to create a new CSI software model
  • Export from Revitt to update the existing CSI software model.
  • Import from CSI software to create a new revival model.
  • Import from the CSI software to update the existing revival model.

System requirements for CSIXRevit 2018 2019

Before installing CSIXRevit 2018 2019 Free download, you should know if your PC meets the recommended or minimum system requirements:

Disk space

  • 6 GB to install the Software
  • Recommended: 500 GB or more hard drive (7200 rpm SATA)
  • Additional space required to run and store model files and scan results, depending on the size of models


  • Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64
  • Recommended: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2, or higher
  • A CPU with support is required for SSE2
  • The SAPFire® analytical engine includes a multi-threaded solver that can take advantage of multi-core CPUs

CSiXRevit 2019.0 is compatible with:

  • ETABS (15.0.0 and newer)
  • SAP2000 (17.2.0 and later))
  • SAFE (14.0.0 and later)
  • The API of "Autodesk Revit 2019 Build 20180216_1515 (x64)".

CSiXRevit 2018.0 is compatible with:

  • ETABS (15.0.0 and later)
  • SAP2000 (17.2.0 and later)
  • SAFE (14.0.0 and later)
  • API of "Autodesk Revit 2018 Build 20170630_0700 (x64)".

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Technical details of the 2019 configuration

  • Full name of the software: CSIXRevit 2018 2019
  • Name of the configuration file: _igetintopc.com_ CSIXRevit 2018 2019.zip
  • Size: 11 MB, 19 MB
  • Configuration type: Installer offline / Completely independent configuration
  • Compatibility architecture: 64Bit (x64) 32Bit (x86)
  • ] Developers: Computers and Structures, Inc

How to install CSIXRevit 2018 2019 [19659042] Remove the winner of the zip fille or winzip oscillation or buy the default values ​​for Windo ws Common
  • Install Open Reciller and Thems and That Instal.
  • CSIXRevit 2018 2019 Free Download

    Click the button below to start the free download of CSIXRevit 2018 2019. This is a stand-alone configuration for the complete offline installer and CSIXRevit 2018 2019. This will be compatible with a compatible version of Windows.

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