Creators Update meets its maker: It

A sad-faced Microsoft engineer will carry two faithful versions of Windows 10 behind the barn.

The software giant reminded customers this week that the bell had rung for the original update of the creator (also known as 1703) with 1803, the 2018 spring update, not far away. Microsoft warned administrators in August that it would stop publishing security updates since yesterday, October 9.

The final quality update for all 1703 retained arrived this week.

Meanwhile, those Home or Pro users in 1803 ignore the growing raucous exhortations of their systems to update will not be able to avoid them when the latest version of patches arrives on November 12.

Windows 10 marked the beginning of "Windows as a service", which meant that instead of a major update of the operating system every few years, one would fall every six months, an inexplicably rapid cadence. 1703, released on April 5, 2017, was particularly large, although the name was a bit strange.

The dozen users who still use their headphones with Windows Mixed Reality will remember the incursion in the third dimension with 3D painting, while creatives who wielded a pen were also thrown a bone or two.

There was also a strange union of the Start Menu with Cortana, presumably as a way to make customers use the unloved assistant. However, it would prove fruitless, and the most recent versions of Windows 10 have seen Cortana pushed gently to the side.

Of course, Microsoft also made clear all the telemetry it was extracting from users. But not so clean as to allow all users to simply turn it off.

It was also around 1703 that those annoying quality problems began to arise with seriousness when Microsoft made a stop for users to manually update their systems while solving the inconvenience. found after the thing had been launched.

Still, as we observed at the time, at least Microsoft stepped on the brake before launching broken technology to the world. That would have been horrible .

While the end has now come for all the flavors of 1703, they are only users of Home and Pro (and Pro for Workstation) of 1803, also known as the April 2018 update, which will see the end of service on 12th of November. Enterprise and Education users get an additional year.

As a reminder, as of September 2018, each "March" feature update receives only 18 months of love from Microsoft, while Enterprise and Education users receive 30 months of attention after a "September" update .

Version 1803 of Win 10 indicated that things were getting a little wobbly somewhere within the Windows operation. However, on the eve of the release due to a blue screen of death (BSOD) error, Microsoft removed the brakes, despite a small number of problems with SSD and antivirus software, which made the release the most fast in the history of Windows 10. 19659002] The Windows update April 10, 2018 lasted longer than Microsoft would have liked it because, infamously, the wheels came out correctly with 1809, the October 2018 update.

While the time of 1803 has been short, its disastrous successor will enjoy a much longer life with the look of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019, which will be compatible until 2029. However, Microsoft would really like those that are not in the versions Enterprise or Education from 1803 to go to 1903.

Meanwhile, let's say goodbye to Microsoft's attempt to give its old workhorse some new and great news with n the nickname of "Creator Update".

Without flowers. ®

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