Cracked Crusaders is arriving on iOS and Android this November

The mobile game Cracked Crusaders is as strange and fun as the title suggests, judging by the game images seen so far. The game does not seem to have allowed any early access or beta tests, so there are very few or no initial practical reviews, but from the advance it is quite obvious that it is a fast-paced platform game that creeps through the dungeons. It contains some radical ideas.

The release date of Cracked Crusaders is scheduled for November 5 th 2019, in less than two weeks, which is when we hope to have the whole story and the opportunity to review it. As mentioned, it is a fast-paced platform game made in the manner of dungeons, with pixel art style, but with some radical and innovative ideas implemented in the mix. In the game, the heroes reportedly fight against the evil forces that are invading the Lanchy Valley and kidnapping Milton's sheep, and presumably, that's the farm our three heroes are watching in the final take of the trailer.

In addition, our heroes appear to be humans, presumably Milton, and several farm animals, all in humanoid form more or less. As it seems, everyone is fighting the good fight and trying to recover their friends, the missing sheep, while fighting some strange and scary things. The trailer shows some strange hostile creatures, like a giant caterpillar that shoots silt from every part of its body, but it has the head of a giant bird, most likely a pterodactyl, which is watching our hero very threateningly and yelling at him .

  Cracked Crusaders iOS Android

Cracked Crusaders also seems to bring a crazy and challenging platform dungeon exploration action. The game really seems fast and exciting, since each of the characters we see in the trailer is constantly besieged by various things like spikes, projectiles, spiked balls and again weirder hostile creatures like giant bats and even dragons. The really scary part is the way the trailer chooses to present the game just by saying "Be brave, be evasive, get ready".

The gameplay we see also shows that the control system is quite simple. We have the jump button, the forward / reverse button, the attack button, the map, the options and the special item button. The game allows double jumps, jumps of walls and surfaces, and jumps on enemy heads, which is a registered trademark for 2D platforms. However, all characters seem to have some different weapons, some even fireballs or have some kind of scattered guns.

  Cracked Crusaders iOS Android

The game is developed and offered by Webbysoft, which brings this crazy platform game for both Google Play and iTunes App Store, so Android and iOS devices can get it from 5 November th 2019. It remains to be seen how well it will work.

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