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Turns the hero brigade into a battle against Tetracorp in the best shooting game. Build a forward strategy on the battlefield and kill the enemy from all sides. Unlimited operations in online tournament game mode Cover Fire: Shooting Game v1.14.3 (Mod Money / VIP 5) Download APK + OBB data Latest version for Android. Full APK Download of Cover Fire: Shooting Game v1.14.3 (Mod Money / VIP 5) + Data OBB.

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Abstract: Guide the brigade of the hero to the battle against Tetracorp. Best shooting game company. Build a forward strategy on the battlefield and kill the enemy from all sides. Unlimited Operation in Online Tournament Game Mode

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Bring weapons out of murder weapons and boost your soldiers with unique shooter skills. Do you accept the challenge?
Try a new zombie case! Kill the undead and become a hero!
Avoid Fire
– New shooter experience. Join the resistance and command this revolution like a true war hero. Attack enemies with bullets, grenades, huge gun hail with weapons. Release the anger of this war!
– Modern CONTROL gives you a unique impression. Connect your finger to the trigger. PRESS and SHOOT!
– HD graphics, detailed descriptions and particle-filled scenes in a destructive environment. Everything interacts with you and your soldiers.
– Become a real veteran in online tournament mode. Immerse yourself in other passionate and dynamic adventures with other assassin players. Do not stop shooting with the best pilots and sniper mission games.
– Provide enormous practical relief. I have never seen a real gun in a shooting game. Pistol, shotgun, sniper, sniper, grenade … it feels like a real front line commando!
– Face the battlefield from another perspective. Find the ultimate combination to win the war in the ultimate murder game, alternating with mercenaries at REAL-TIME.
– Configure the ASSASSIN SOLDIER squad with unique skills such as hackers, snipers, demolitionists. Unlock new EPIC characters such as bazooka or gunman! Have you ever seen an inflatable dinosaur on the battlefield?
TETRACORP occupies many areas around the earth, pressures villages, uses resources, and controls all single communications. A new resistance has been born and it is time to eradicate this threat.
A mercenary brigade was built, and at the beginning of the war, it predicts the greatest war the planet has seen. The discovery of the new material, element 115, can determine the fate of mankind and can not be handed over to Tetracorp.
In Cover Fire you lead a veteran division through fields caught by the surrounding cities, deserts and guerrillas and become the hero to defeat all sorts of enemies in war games with the biggest graphics, the best arsenal and the best gameplay It is.
The ultimate war experience. Intuitive control is completely immersive. Cover, aim, shoot, remove this danger.
As leaders of the riot, you will face elite soldiers, deadly special forces, powerful armies with inexcusable shields, and powerful armies.
As a rebel leader, let terrorists take on the world's best soldiers shooting game! Tanks … Take control of the battlefield and treat the war like a real war machine. The most addictive fps has become a legend in this World War in multiplayer.
– Challenging story mode. Fight Tetracorp and cause mercenary riots on all missions. Best gameplay in the most attractive shooting games.
– Feel new experiences in shooting games. Press the screen and pull the trigger. Destroy and destroy all bad guys with a team of well-coordinated heroes with powerful weapons!
– Upgrade the skills and abilities of all members of the band: make them faster, stronger, and more deadly. Equip yourself with the best guns and equipment. Raise the commandos and lead them to victory.
Infinite Shooter Action!
Can you kill all the enemies in this bloody war? Welcome to Resistance. Avoid fire.
New features:
+ New PERK: GRENADES! Now you can fire grenades and defeat your enemies!
+ We have no privacy
+ More fixes and improvements
This app has no ads

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Cover Fire: Shooting Game v1.14.3 Mod Money / VIP 5) APK + OBB Data Free Download

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