Cortana is being removed from the GLAS thermostat

GLAS Smart Thermostat, built by Johnson Controls, is losing major Cortana integration. Johnson Controls says that once promoted as the only Cortana power thermostat, it is now removing Microsoft's digital accessories from the device. New software updates will soon be released as thermostats and Cortana will be completely removed.

GLAS customers read the email, "Microsoft Cortana Voice Assistant no longer works on their device." "From now on, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant will continue to have access to other voice support to control the thermostat."

cortana is being removed from the glas thermostat

Cortana on GLAS.
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge [19659005] The removal of Cortana from GLAS is the latest set of settings for Microsoft's digital support. Microsoft gradually moved Cortana's location around the business, and assistants will soon be removed from the Xbox One console.

Microsoft's new Cortana boss explained a new vision for digital assistants in an interview earlier this year . The Verge . Andrew Shuman, CVP of Cortana Engineering said, “One of the challenges we've faced in the last few years is to find out where Microsoft really adds a lot of value. Microsoft now sees Cortana's value in redeploying interactive AI and Cortana as a technology that can run anywhere without competing with Alexa or Google Assistant.

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