Corsair’s K83 Wireless keyboard has a trackpad and half a gamepad built in

The latest Corsair keyboard, the K83 Wireless, is the manufacturer's new attempt at a keyboard that you can use in your lap in a living room. In addition to a 76-key laptop keyboard, the K83 also includes a joystick, two side buttons and a trackpad that supports gestures of up to four fingers in Windows 10.

This joystick is the most exclusive aspect of the K83; It's a pretty unusual inclusion in a keyboard. In addition to allowing you to navigate the menus, the joystick can also be configured to emulate a mouse, which could be very useful in any game that would otherwise allow you to use it to control the game's camera. In this mode, the two side buttons correspond to the left and right mouse buttons, or you can click on the stick itself to click with the middle mouse button.

This is not the first time that Corsair has tried to operate a keyboard in the context of a living room sofa, although it is certainly the best. Previously, the company launched the Lapdog, a $ 119.99 piece of plastic that you place in your lap and attach an existing keyboard and mouse. It was big, it was bulky, and having to buy a keyboard and a mouse separately meant that a complete configuration was incredibly expensive.

In contrast, the K83 Wireless is a much smaller issue. Instead of mechanical key switches, low profile membrane scissor switches are obtained. The keyboard is backlit, but each key does not have its own RGB LED as with full-size Corsair keyboards. Corsair states that the keyboard battery should give it 40 hours of use, after which it can be recharged with a MicroUSB cable, and has the option to connect via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz with a USB dongle included.

Although the popularity of small form factor PCs has made it easier than ever to have a desktop computer connected to the TV in your living room, the fact that many PC games have to be controlled with a keyboard and a mouse continues A problem for PC players is the chair. To know if the K83 Wireless solved it, you will have to pay attention to our complete review.

The Corsair K83 cordless phone is available for $ 99.99 as of today.

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