Coronavirus threatens to throw world’s biggest phone show into chaos

With a holistic view of the technology industry, we will be heading to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, the largest and most important exhibition in the world of mobile communications. It is expected to attract 100,000 people from about 200 countries every year, and unlike CES recently, MWC is still leading major manufacturers to announce the most important devices at the show.

Minimal plan – but this can vary slightly from year to year. The outbreak of the corona virus in China and its subsequent spread to other countries required hundreds of lives. And in Asia, where most of MWC's marquee exhibitors are based, they are disrupting the supply chain, which is causing disruption to smartphone development and travel. Many countries restrict flights to and from China. LG and ZTE have already canceled the show plan.

MWC 2020 features a larger China dispatch than ever, planning all the major smartphone brands in the country. Meaningful presence. This is still the case today. Xiaomi, Vivo and Honor are all willing to attend The Verge . Huawei recently canceled the Shenzhen Developers Conference, but plans to announce it at a recent exhibition, but a source familiar with the situation says that it can significantly reduce the number of employees who travel with axes for certain events. Qualcomm, Lenovo, and Motorola also tell the Verge that plans for MWC remain.

The GSM Association, which organizes the MWC, said it will remain in business as usual in Barcelona. According to the GSMA, the exhibition is understandable in that it will have a huge impact on the economy of 490 million euros this year and create 14,100 part-time jobs. The GSMA is an industrial trade organization representing more than 1,200 companies throughout the mobile ecosystem, and the MWC is an opportunity to gather thousands of people for partnerships, deals and product launches across the world.

coronavirus threatens to throw worlds biggest phone show into chaos

LG G8 ThinQ
The Photo Society yesterday said in a statement that "the impact on events so far is minimal." “While 24-27 February 2020, MWC Barcelona will proceed as planned in all locations.” GSMA said it will strengthen medical assistance and disinfection measures on-site and communicate best practices to attendees. The speaker has a new microphone change protocol. The show also has a "no handshake" policy, but it sounds unrealistic to enforce.

It is not surprising at this point that everything in the GSMA sees a precise statement. MWC has been hit several times by past public transport strikes, causing confusion as attendees roamed the city, and the association has released the same press release in advance to talk about emergency situations. The experience of Verge tends to be less effective. Not all escalator railing disinfectants in the world convince people that they are safe from aerial viruses.

Regardless of the sponsor's and exhibitor's warranty, it seems inevitable that the corona virus will affect MWC. Recently, cases of no signs of the spread of the virus have soared. Getting sick in an exhibition at the best time is very easy, not the best time. Tens of thousands of attendees from all over the world fly to gather from shoulder to shoulder in the same room, as well as various authorities advise people to avoid public gatherings. As new cases of coronavirus are identified in neighboring France, the nearby Canary Islands, and the Spanish autonomous community, it would be understandable if people had to think twice about attending.

LG hinted at this by mentioning "safety" in the announcement. "We want to prevent hundreds of LG employees from being unnecessarily exposed to international travel," ZTE said. "Most health experts have advised." "We want to be an overly polite company and simply want to make people uncomfortable [doesn’t]." . The employees of Chinese companies make up more than a million attendees at MWC every year, and racism is expected to increase at this year's event. If the MWC will continue this month, the GSMA will have to do everything within its capacity to crack down on this kind of unacceptable behavior. Very different from the previous year. More than ever The Verge plans to attend as long as the news is expected to arrive safely. But we had two fewer companies than we had already thought, and were surprised if that number didn't increase.

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