founder George Hotz wants to free humanity from the AI simulation's enigmatic hacker and founder George Hotz, a self-sufficiency shelter, does not decide whether a charity company will succeed at night or another venture company to launch next. No, instead Hotz says that we all tortured about the possibility of being an advanced alien or supernatural being, or an advanced simulation observed by artificial intelligence far beyond the realm of human concept and understanding.

Hotz told the crowd in an SXSW speech entitled "Sailing the Simulation" on Friday. I charged the festival's website to explore whether it would escape the simulated space. It means that we can "kill God" and kill him. "

The simulation hypothesis is that living things on Earth, and even the solar system and even the universe Suppose that itself is potentially a computer game, a video game for advanced creatures or other forms of entertainment, or possibly some kind of artificial intelligence simulation derived from artificial intelligence. Ancestral life created by mankind in the distant future. In recent years it has been openly enjoyed by renowned engineers such as Elon Musk and has been more seriously considered and solved by prominent philosophers such as Nick Bostrom.

I think Hotz is one of the believers, or I will make SXSW think of the crowd. The 29-year-old entrepreneur became a teenager when he became the first hacker to unlock the first-generation iPhone and was always a thinker in the outside world of the short-the-wall. Anodyne world of Silicon Valley.

When he jailed Sony's PlayStation 3, he succumbed to hot water and later filed a controversial lawsuit. Hotz, however, has since taken Hotz out of the tech world and was short on Vicarious, an AI company based in Facebook, Google and San Francisco. In 2015 he founded, a voluntary start-up that aims to democratize access to self-driving software, and is based on Hotz's belief that the current direction of the autonomous industry is a huge fraud.

However, at SXSW, Hotz has been working to expand and broaden the scope of acceptable marketing conferences. His talks here, including his promise to end capitalism three years ago, feature his seemingly outlandish version of howling and crowding the crowd with joy.

And one of the audience, generally along the Hotz's pin bowling career trajectory. Yesterday, Hotz talked to about 100 people and then wore a crow, a sticky whisker, a curly hairless rag. Through Talk he likened programming to magic and considered what he wanted to do someday, and one of the most angry aspects of future life was when he realized that we all had no free will.

At some point, Hotz said it made it fun to establish religion dedicated to escaping the simulated universe. "I am thinking of opening a church," Hotz said, referring to Hotz as the final result of a capitalist venture that always maximizes profit, sells the company, and burns.

"With the company you really lose. I think the church will be much more in line with this goal. The purpose of the church is to reorganize the efforts of the community to get out of the church. "The infamous Uber, founded in 1945, and Google engineer Anthony Levandowski, a multimillion-dollar lawsuit, are an organization dedicated to" creating a peaceful and respectful transition for people who are responsible for the Earth " Way of the Future

"I do not know how odd you think, but I think it's very close. When we reach singularities, if we have the same motive as we have now – surpassing people primarily – the situation will be frightening. "Hotz added," I began to say, "What does it mean to get the right people out? No quack, no trash. Everything you say is rationally justified. "

Sometimes it is difficult to take Hotz seriously, he strikes me with a person who often gets a response or a word that can express his inner monologue, and he says on many stages: Do you believe? "I do not know how I feel about something until I say it out loud sometimes."

The crowd did not care much about the crowd. In the Q & A, the audience gave the robot to a person, artificial intelligence, And asked if they would consider a partnership with the transhumanist scholars who believe in the ultimate evolution of mankind.Hotz was a bit ambiguous to the idea.He probably did not think people would accept his words.But he did If you start, yesterday SXSW gave a preaching sermon to a room that could become a believer.

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