Comcast’s broadband customers are using more of their monthly data than ever before

Comcast has long argued that a small number of customers have reached the limit of 1TB data limits in their home Internet plans, but that number is increasing. In recent investors (via Ars Technica ), Comcast says that streaming video means that an intermediate user is using 200GB of 1TB data cap.

Over the past two years, Comcast has restricted data to users by restricting users to 300GB in 2015 and 1TB per month in 2016. In the past, Comcast has said "At least 99% of our customers are using" 6% "per month" without using terabytes ", and at the end of the day we'll have to pay an additional $ 10 per 50GB used.

But it was exactly two years ago. Since then, the demand for streaming video has increased significantly. While customers offer more options for streaming high-definition video, companies like Google and Microsoft have announced streaming game services. According to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, "Our customer's speed and data usage continues to grow" [residential] Business average usage is over 200 gigabytes, up 34 percent from the previous year

This growth has made Comcast a lot of money, and Michael Cavanagh, vice president and chief financial officer, "The residential high-speed Internet revenue is the biggest contributor to overall cable growth," he said.

200 GB is still far from the 1 TB limit, but only a few months ago was well above 60 GB. This may mean that more customers are meeting, or Comcast is Ars Technica found that 4.1% of households increased 2.1% from the previous year earlier this year

Comcast plans to launch its own streaming service Roberts would like to see "streaming video" more friends than ever, and all the bits to be our bits, despite competition between companies like Amazon, Disney and Netflix, but more people Bit consumed, video definitely does this and 4K video is "

public: Comcast is investing in the parent company of Vox Media, The Verge .

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