Color pop photo editor, My love for color splash effect

Thanks to social networks, photo editing tools became part of our daily lives. Photo editing has now become a necessity for everyone. Each individual needs to maintain a colorful and vibrant personal profile, either on Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, to meet the needs of each individual, we are here with a great application "Color Pop". Color pop is a free editing application. It contains a large number of filters, editing tools and other adjustment options. He is an illustrator who will put his creativity in his images and turn them into something exceptional.

  Color Pop

Color Pop acts as editor color splash in which you can add more details, change the color scheme, sharpen the edges and add objects of your desire. Color Pop allows you to experiment with your images. You can use all the tools to change the course of the image and, if it doesn't seem appropriate, you can reverse the original photo. For example, you can edit your colorful image by changing the color scheme to a combination of black and white. In case you don't like the color scheme, you can go back with an undo option and continue editing with just one click. Color Pop can provide you with many interesting and quality things that even Instagram editors or Facebook editing tools cannot provide. For example, Instagram only has a limited number of filters for images, while in Color Pop you can have a large number of filters even with the regular addition of filters for free. It is difficult to crop images in many other similar editing applications, since they only change the size but do not crop the image. Color Pop will give you the option to change the size and shape according to your choice.

  Color Pop

So, for the convenience of users, here is the complete list of tools available in pop color:

1 – A Wide range of filters. Filters of all kinds of black and white photo editor two color filters, three colors, beauty filters are available. There are more than forty filters available in the application.

2 – The resizing and remodeling feature is a key feature in Color Pop. You can change the size or shape of any photo from any corner by simply moving the cursor.

3 – A large variety of clip art, notes, emojis are available in the application to download.

4 – The color splatter technique is available in which you can change the color schemes of your image. You can rotate your image 180 ° in terms of color.

5 – Hue and sharpness. Colorful images require hue and sharpness, as they are taken from common mobile phones. Therefore, we add tone and sharpness in the application to make your image more vibrant and detail oriented.

6 – Color Pop is equipped with details and focused tools such as stain removal, shine and automatic beauty mode. These tools will automatically adjust the image and make it more presentable.

So download Color Pop and make your digital world more beautiful.

  Color Pop

How to use this application?

First, download the application from the play store. Then open the application and select the images you want to edit. You can click on the photos directly from the camera option in the application or you can get it from the gallery. After this, start editing the image using the tools. The application is easy to use and tells you how to use the tools. More or less, with a few clicks, you can edit photos and make them according to your choice.

Color Pop is free and available on iOS and Play Store . Having a pop-up color will be a useful addition to your mobile.

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