COD Black Ops Annihilation Game Review Xbox 360

Treyarch has released another map pack called Call of Duty Black Ops, which is titled “The End.” The sudden decision of a developer to release two map packs for a game in the same month is a bit strange. Destruction The DLC has a price tag of $ 15 and features four new multiplayer maps and one zombie map.

COD Black Ops Annihilation Game Review for Xbox 360

DLC as a whole is feeling pretty good COD Black Ops The game flow starts again after a while. DLC offers a great level concept and extends Black Ops gameplay. Do not forget that you have the best zombie maps so far. Look at the details of every map at the end. First, silos are installed on Russian missile bases under construction, but they seem to have been abandoned. This map is best suited to Luther because it has many twists and turns.

In the case of a sniper, the silo has many chalk points, from which you can determine the extent to which you get the headshot. The most important part of a silo is that it always offers something different from other gameplay modes. Every turn of the map is very new when playing different game modes. At first it looks a bit confusing. So you can better understand the path to the enemy.

Hazard is one of my personally favorite DLC annihilation maps. The map of COD Black Ops Annihilation Game is located in the most beautiful part of Cuba and brings a sense of peace and relaxation to the Cliffside resort, but wait a moment and bring everything to “GUN FIRE”. With too many dips and turns, the player starts to feel the sense of perfume as he runs towards the cover. In many ways, cliff-side resorts seem to be an updated version of “TEE” on the cliffside side of the World at War (COD).

Hangar 18

The endangered hangar 18 is a tough nut to. To control the hanger and the surrounding area, the player needs a louder to control the flap, with the sniper high. Hangar 18 is the new Black Ops secret base in Area 51, and the player turns his head around finding open and closed tonnages. Hangar 18 also has many deadly funnels that can be used by the team to control the opponent.

Drive in

DLC is for all players who love Nuketown and die as fast-paced action fans in game modes like CTF or Domo. Drive In offers a number of buildings and perspectives, giving you the opportunity and edge to gain an edge when your team moves to the enemy.

All of the surroundings around the building provide many entry points to other parts of the map and keep the player protected. A clever and experienced rusher can easily control this map without any problems, and his team can keep on watching from a high place.

Shangri La of COD Black Ops Annihilation Game

Shangri La is the fifth and best zombie map of Call of Duty: Black Ops. A story of deep darkness about the four soldiers who are working hard to survive in the jungle. This time gamers will meet Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski, who have a mission to survive in a curse somewhere in the Himalayas.

Shangri-La captures the abrupt wave of silly zombies by adding a lot of play time to Black Ops, featuring a lot of Easter eggs and back stories to explore with new deadly weapons, zombie types and traps. The addition of a zombie monkey is like a cherry on a cake. Developer’s hat for this.

COD Black Ops Annihilation Game DLC is the finest I have ever played. This new map pack has something for everyone. Some people may think the $ 15 price tag for DLC is too high, but after experiencing game play, no one will complain about it. “Shangri-La” is the best zombie map of Black Ops. Then everyone will say, “Go to ANNIHILATION.”

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