Close Combat The Bloody First game

Close Combat The Bloody is the latest addition to the Close Combat series, a long-lasting WW2 real-time tactical strategy game. It’s the 17th member of this series (16th if you don’t count members that are FPS) and the first game created using the 3D rendering engine.

Close Combat The Bloody First game review

It was developed by Matrix Games, which acquired the Close Combat franchise from Microsoft / Atomic Games in the middle. To survive a long time ago, it was a game that would always face uphill for approval. Bloody First follows the fictional exploitation known as ‘The Bloody First’ (sometimes ‘Big Red One’) within the first infantry division in the United States.

Unlike most World War II games that involve US forces, the game actually began in the Battle of Tunisia in 1942-3 and moved to Operation Huskies in Sicily in 1943, with the final campaign being the Normandy ops monarch. The game uses mechanisms and designs similar to those of the original game, such as team-based army composition, ongoing and pre-battle units.

The interaction mechanism has the same drop down menu as before. In other words, the player must pay some thought and attention to the order. However, you can pause the game to issue new spells.

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Game features, Maps and graphics

The most obvious major change is the transition to 3D graphics. Battle on 3D maps that can rotate and zoom instead of 2D top down views. Light cell shading is used to highlight a unit when panning or when the unit is behind a building. There is also a new line of sight tool that will help you determine what the unit can see at a particular point on the map, as well as additional tools to highlight the exposed parts of vehicles and tanks.

There is a one-time dispute with AI, online multiplayer, custom scenarios and editing tools along with campaigns (which can be done sequentially or in separate tasks).

Final words about the game

Close Combat: The Bloody First is a disruptive game. Everything within range is pretty satisfying about infantry firing. But once you reach the tank, the game ends when you reach an infantry that is miserably inefficient or rebellious when fighting other kinds of people.

Most problems can be solved with patches and there are always online multiplayer to consider. For me, if you have tweaked the team replenishment and replacement system in your campaign, I suggest you select this item.

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