Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans New Update brings 13 Town Hall for Android and iOS. Super Cell has finally released Clash of Clans, version 13, a highly anticipated update for both Android and iOS devices.

As we have seen before, this update introduces hype 13 and numerous new features and improvements. The company also claims that this is one of the biggest updates recently released by the brand.

Clash of Clans Update

Town Hall 13 is based on the Dark Elixir Ice theme with a new signature defense system called Giga Inferno, which protects the city hall and explodes when destroyed to kill nearby enemies.

This update also introduces a new hero called Royal Champion and is the latest hero who has joined the clan since 2015. According to Supercell, she is a fearless warrior who can see and destroy enemy defense abilities. A new troop named Yeto looks cute, but packs a punch. This new unit has partnered with Yeti Mitty to further increase the enemy’s damage.

There is a new defense system called Scattershot, which is quite destructive for attackers who have projectiles like shotguns when attacking. The new Seige Machine now includes a siege barracks, giving you some surprises when attacking enemy villages.

The main features of Clash of Clans version 13.0.1 are as follows:

  1. Addition to these key features
  2. The update includes new troop levels
  3. New levels of defense, and improved quality of life
  4. As with all winter updates
  5. It is currently slow and looks like Christmas.

Within hours, some top players have already updated their viewing to level 14 with a 13-level wall offering a new defense system and 11500 hit ratio.

Clash of Clans 2020 update

Many people asked me when is the next clash of clans update? According to community managers, by 2020, Clash of Clans plans a quarterly update. It’s not a promising plan, so you should get your first 2020 update in March.

Here are some 2020 updates:

1. Missing Trader Freebies

As you know, unfortunately some players did not get free magic items, in the Trader’s Holiday Specials. Luckily we found the cause of this bug and placed a fix on maintenance.

If affected by this bug, the bug will only be fixed for the rest of the event. For those who lost their free hero book from yesterday or those who missed the shovel from today, we are looking for a reward option until we send you the missing items by tomorrow time (Friday, December 20).

Note: If you reach the maximum number of heroes or obstacles shovels that can be saved due to the Magic Item storage limit, by default the value corresponding to the gem will be sent instead. So if you want to receive the actual goods, please make sure that you have a space to store them.

2. Balance Changes

There are some balance changes to implement in the next maintenance. Increased the health of 18 level cannons from 1860 to 1870, preventing royal champions from firing 1 level 18 cannon with Seeking Shield special abilities.

Yetimites no longer trigger traps.

We’ve added a new community tab to News Inbox. Here you will see a generic video of your favorite Clash of Clans content creators.

It also reduced Village Guard time in the Titan League, always 60 minutes (previously up to 180 minutes). This helps with the wrong cloud, which is sometimes reported when there are events where players are more active.

Titan I: 120 minutes> 60 minutes

Titan II: 150 minutes> 60 minutes

Titan III: 180 minutes> 60 minutes

This change began with maintenance on 16/01. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments about the forum!

3. Official cocesports is Live

Launched the official Clash of Clans Esports Twitter profile at,.

Now you can follow the world’s best Clash of Clan Actions, and never miss an epic battle! From the best players to the top leagues, you will find all the special events in this new Twitter profile! And can one of the experts find the next preferred attack strategy or default layout?

4. Pre-Qualifier, Sign Ups Closing Soon!

Don’t miss the February ESL Play Preliminary Qualification. During the Clash of Clans World Championship, 2020 season, don’t forget how to qualify for two months in Katowice, Poland. The first is to become one of the top ranked clan in the Champions League 1 during the clan war league season.

The second is to participate in the ESL Play Pre-Qualifier tournament, which is held online every month. This 5v5 clan is a single elimination, with the top four clans taking place in Poland’s ESL Qualifiers.

Have a lot of chances to get on stage, collect clan, declare war on your opponents and fight for $ 1,000,000 prize! Sign up for the February ESL Play Qualifier and it will close on Saturday, February 8!

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