How to Play Civilization 6 Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks 2020

Here is a beginner’s guide with tips and tricks that tell you how can you play Civilization 6 in 2020.

About Civilization 6

Civilization, first developed by legendary game designer Sid Meier, is a turn-based strategy game that attempts to build an empire that can withstand the test of time.

Become the ruler of the world by building and leading civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Strive to build the greatest civilizations in the world, fight wars, conduct diplomacy, develop culture, and go one-on-one with the best leaders in history.

Civilization VI provides a new way to communicate with the world. Now the city is physically expanded across the map, and active research in technology and culture uncovers new potential, and competing leaders compete in one of five ways to pursue their agenda based on historical characteristics.

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Civilization 6 Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks 2020

Here are some useful tips for both beginners and advanced tips.

1. Faster Unit Travel-Start with a trade route to your city even if the rewards are not good. Trade routes create roads, allowing units to move through the city faster.

2. Unit Upgrade-You can use Gold to upgrade your unit to a more powerful version.

3. City Attack-Save several troops, archers, catapults, and cavalry that surround the city first to attack and capture the city.

Then attack all units in the same turn to surprise your opponent.

4. No more happiness around the world-In Civilization 6, happiness around the world is no longer a problem. In other words, you don’t need to rob the city to occupy it and stay happy.

5. Further exploration-Don’t quickly reject other Civs’ open border requests. By navigating to the other city with an open border, you can check the location of the city and units.

6. Side by side with more food-feudal farms, you get a food bonus.

7. Make a lot of gold-A A good way to get gold in Civ 6 is to make a lot of trade routes. This also helps build a strong army because each unit consumes gold.

8. When you go to war, do not erase too many city-states and continue trading.

9. Useful Statistics-The report function at the top left of the screen provides useful summaries of all cities, current status, embassies, and more.

10. War Strategy– If you’re at war with many countries and one country wants to give up, you have to give up.

11. Trade routes can be very valuable, and the gold you get from that country can fund your war against other hostile nations.

12. Friends are important-be friends with some of your friends early. This way, if you are randomly attacked, you become an ally to protect your city.

13. Nature’s Wonders– Building a city near nature’s wonders has great benefits.

14. More ground applications-now you can move your device from city to city for faster production. This allows for much more flexibility when fighting wars on the other side of the map.

15. The best maps to play-there are many types of maps to play, and of course, all of them are personal preferences, but if you need to choose one, it becomes a Pangea.

16. In Pangea, all civilizations in the game are on the same continent. This allows quick and easy contact with other civilizations without having to sail across large waters.

17. Unit Upgrade-Don’t forget to upgrade your unit later in the game. For example, if you upgrade the archers of the 1600-the 1700s, the field cannon comes out.

18. Science Focus—Similar to Civ 5, science is very important because of its excellent skills in technology, culture, religion, and military.

19. AI Strength Check-Hover over other empires in the World Ranking UI to compare them with your military strength.

20. Early On Goodies-Explore tribal villages early to secure money and population in the city.

21. Unit Protection-To protects unprotected units such as workers and settlers, use one of the military units to create an escort organization.

22. This way, whenever one of your troops moves, the troops move together to protect it.

So this was Civilization 6 beginners guide with tips and tricks, hopefully, this article will helpful for you. If you have any questions from this article feel free to Ask in the comment section below.

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