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City Island 5 is a new simulation game for mobile at Sparkling Society. City Island 5 Check out guides, tips, cheats and strategies

The Sparkling Society has launched a new city expansion and expanded the City Island game series. City Island 5 attracts inhabitants to build a dream city and make more. money. After that, we will fly to a new island and make a better structure. This game allows you to customize multiple islands. Mud, sand, water, snow, and more. In addition to all of these features, the game offers offline game play and allows players to synchronize their progress across multiple devices. If you are looking for tips & tricks or a detailed guide, see today’s post about City Island 5 Guide and City Island 5 Tips, Tips and Strategies.

City Island 5

  City Island 5 There are three types of buildings in the game. (Cafe, bank, bakery, etc.), essential (police station, fire station, post office, etc.)

  • Buildings and upgrades
  • Employee types Buildings and upgrades Provide jobs for residents, increase employment in cities and make money
  • Post offices, police stations, universities, aquariums, etc. Increase happiness .
  • Decoration building It adds happiness.

Happiness, occupants, duties

  City Island 5 You can see the current status in the upper right corner. Level of Happiness, Number of Residents and Number of Employees

  • Residents can leave the city if they are unhappy.
  • Losing a resident will reduce jobs
  • Jobs will be reduced indirectly. It affects income.
  • Slower progress with fewer incomes

You have to keep the people happy in the City Island 5 game.

City Island 5

  City Island 5 Each building will continue on the following site. City growth. Tapping the building will give you an overview.

  • Commercial buildings are the main source of income and stars (XP, level up)
  • Decorations and essential buildings are the main source of happiness
  • Houses, apartments and all
    • Gold coins, keys, keys
      • ] Gold is one of the premium game items on City Island 5. You can get gold by completing quests in the chest
      • Cash or money in City Island 5 can be obtained from vehicles, commercial buildings, quests, and chest completions.
      • City Island 5 has two types of keys. Silver and golden. You can buy a chest using this key. building. Keys can be completed in Daily Quest, Star Missions, Vehicles, and Money Exchange.

      Buying a Plot on City Island 5

      You need to buy more plots to build more buildings. When you buy a plot, you get a lot of money. Tap the signs on the forest side to buy a plot of the ground.

      Exploring the New Island –

      Tap the airship at the edge of the island to visit the world section of the game. From there you can see more islands. Press Island to provide two options. (i) Icons and lock icons. To see an overview of an island (i) Tap the icon. Tap the lock icon to pay the amount to explore.

      Once found, you can start construction there. When you tap an unlocked island, you have three options. (i), In (arrow), airship. Click the arrow icon to visit the island.

      Go up the guide

      To unlock a new building (you can buy a building using gold, but you have the option to buy it in cash, you need to unlock it to raise it) It’s important.

      • You can get stars in commercial buildings. (19659012) Vehicles – Tap the vehicle when the star icon is displayed.
      • Quest completed, Star Mission
      • Create new building

      How to customize? – Moving, destroying, packing, hiding?

      • Move – Press and hold the building and drag it to the location to move
      • Destroy – Tap the building -> Tap the bomb icon on the left
      • Pack-Up – Tap – tap the box icon on the left
      • Restore – tap the box icon in the lower right corner and tap the place button
      • Hide – check the circle next to the magnifying glass on the right side of the screen. This will hide the building and make it easier to build the road.

      Wheel spin – Roulette coin

      In the bottom right you have the option of turning the wheel using roulette points. Get this score from your chest. I get a little chest when I buy a new conspiracy. Tapping your chest will give you these points. You can get gold keys, silver keys, stars, cash and so on by writing this point in the lucky spinner.

      It will be like the City Island 5 guide now.

      City Island 5 Tips and tricks: –

      1.) Wisely Key Spending

       City Island 5 You can write your keys on buildings or in your chest. Tap the key icon at the bottom left to display the transaction. Purchased buildings are sent to the warehouse (box). You can also use this key to open the premium chest. Golden chest, Platinum chest

      2). Do not use time-lapse cheating.

      Yes! If you do not want to ruin everything, do not use this trick. It works, but it will ruin everything. What is this? City Island 5’s Time-Shifting Cheat allows you to skip upgrades or construction times, immediately refresh your quests, receive immediate rewards, and use the treasure chest for free.

      In this time-lapse trick, players change their mobile time and deliver everything. This trick works on City Island 5. However, we strongly recommend that you ignore this and play legitimately. The reason is that if you use this trick, you have to play around that time. E.g; I skipped 24 hours for instant upgrades, quests, and daily thymus. After that, time is returned to normal and you enter the game. You can find long queues in the update. Quest, daily treasure, etc.

      If you want to use this trick, you need to change the time each time you join the game. It will ruin your gaming experience.

      3) Upgrade buildings on a balanced road

      Two important things to watch out for in City Island 5 games are income and happiness. Upgrade your commercial buildings to upgrade city buildings (police stations, fire stations, etc.) to earn more revenue and increase happiness. Then manage the other two aspects. Residents and employment. No one wants free time. Every resident wants a job.

      4. Time Limit Quest Completed

      Tap the quest icon on the left side of the screen to fast-forward your work. By completing this daily mission, you will receive tremendous rewards including keys, cash, gold and stars.

      5. Collect once

      When you have completed all the quests and have completed this quest, pay attention to the vehicle, a certain amount of time to kill time. Icons are often displayed on top of this vehicle. Keys, cash, advice, stars, and more.

      6. Do not rush and unlock first

      As mentioned above, the game uses gold coins in level up guides to build buildings. But the right thing to do is to build the facility using cash. Raising the level will unlock more buildings and earn cash instead of gold coins. So do not hurry. The city counselors are also forced. You must ignore the recommendation and consume gold in the public building.

      Now just think of City Island 5’s tips and tricks. If you have any tips or tricks you can share with other City Island 5 players, here are

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