Citi Bikes can now be rented through the Lyft app

Lyft announced in July 2018 that he will purchase Motivate, America's largest bike protagonist, including Citi Bike in New York City. At that time, the passenger car company seemed to extend beyond passenger cars to major passenger cars. Lyft said that Citi Bike is fully integrated into the smartphone app and that bicycles and cars are in the same position.

Lyft has previously released Citi Bike beta testing, which accounts for about 20% of its users. Today Lyft application is available to everyone who uses the phone. Customers can rent bikes as easily as hail cars. (Citi Bike still needs to enter the 5-digit code to unlock the bicycle.)

Lyft will invest $ 100 million in Citi Bike to launch a new marketing campaign to expand its 12,000 bikes to 40,000 bikes is. It is one of the largest bicycle-sharing systems in the world. The company expects the number of passengers to "significantly increase" due to the seamless integration of Citi Bike today.

This is not the first time a bicycle has appeared in Lyft's app. In addition to renting bicycles and scooters using the Lyft app, customers can also get public transit directions in three cities – Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Citi Bike's integration suggests that Lyft is a matter of time before it becomes the same as Motivate's other large bike sharing system (including Ford's Go Bike in San Francisco and Divvy Bike in Chicago).

citi bikes can now be rented through the lyft app

Image: Lyft

Lyft is locked in a desperate competition with rival Uber to become the ultimate multimodal transportation service. Lyft announced that he had bought Motivate a few months after Uber announced that he would buy a Duckless Bike Router start jump. Jump bikes can be rented from one of Uber or Jump's smartphone apps. The two companies are competing to become a one-stop shop for all types of urban transport, including cars, bicycles and scooters.

It was not completely smooth. In April, Lyft was forced to pull thousands of pedal-assisted bikes from New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco after problems with the braking system were discovered. This bike is expected to come back this autumn.

Citi Bike does not receive subsidies from the city, but holds exclusive rights to operate bicycle sharing in the service area. It goes with other bike and scooter drivers, including the jumping of lime and uber. The two companies are located on the outskirts of the city, including Lime in Staten Island and the Rockaway section in Queens, the Jump in the Bronx and Staten Island, Part of the driving pilot. (Citi Bike is also part of the Bronx pilot's bike.) Meanwhile, Lime and Uber have criticized an exclusive deal with Citi Bike, which restricts the option of cycling to the public.

However, docked rather than docked seems to be a phenomenon in New York in the near future. Lawmakers abandoned the opportunity to lift the ban on electric bicycle and scooter service earlier this year. And it is unclear when and if other legislation was recently introduced but will be passed. This week, Lime placed an electronic scooter in Hoboken, New Jersey, as part of a six-month pilot program, across from the Hudson River in New York City. New York is one of the last states in the United States to ban dockless bicycle and scooter programs.

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