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New to Citampi Stories games? Understand all the key concepts with this Citampi story guide full of tips, cheats and strategies.

Citampi Story Guide Tips Cheat WalkthroughCitampi story guides, tips and cheats: –

In this article, you will find “How to Play Citampi Stories”, pay full loan (RP) to avoid marrying the daughter of a loan shark, NPC and all local guides, RP earning tips, stats such as intelligence, luck and more. Now let’s dive right into Citampi Stories guides and tips. –

Getting Started with the Basics

At Citampi Stories, you help your parents by paying off their debts to their lenders. If you can’t pay off your debt, you’ll have to marry Loan Shark’s daughter. The game begins with a cutscene where you argue with your parents. After arguing with your parents at the beginning of the game, you move to Chithampi and live in a warehouse. After you move, you will need to apply for a job to earn money (RP) to pay off your debt.

The goal is to pay off the debt within 10 weeks. You must send a certain amount of RP to your parents every week. If this specific amount is not sent to the parent, the game is over. This Citampi story guide will teach you everything!

Practice in the city of Citampi

There are 4 locations in the City of Citampi that you first move to. Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, and Zone 4. You live in a warehouse in Zone 1. In all of these locations you can find NPCs, shops, houses, fishing grounds, buildings and task boards. Here is a quick guide to all locations in the Citampi Stories game. –

Zone 1: –

  • Warehouse – where you live
  • Tatang’s shop – buy items; Gifts, tickets, wedding rings, etc.
  • Task Board – x12 tasks are available in Zone 1. Read the working guide here.
  • Wash
  • fishing

Zone 2: –

  • gas station
  • Urban Street Wear – where to buy clothes from Citampi Stories
  • Madam Lela’s House – Can be rented for x200 RP per week.
  • Smallmart – where you can buy food with RP and spend with energy
  • Clinic – a place where you can buy medicine and use it as energy

Zone 4: –

  • Fishing Spot – Bike Shop – Where to buy bikes or bikes in Citampi Stories
  • Clothing Store – Closed
  • cinema hall
  • Task Board – x13 tasks are available in area 4.
  • Azan Restaurant – where you can interact with NPCs and buy food
  • Mrs Tuti’s house – can be rented for x500 per week.
  • Joy Steak – Food Stop
  • Lou Terry House of Style

Area 3: –

  • Net Cafe – Arpat Firman works here. You can use the computer in this cafe and get intelligence points
  • Task Board – x6 tasks are available in Zone 3.
  • Burger Shop
  • support
  • fishing
  • Nopandi’s House – You can buy a house for 10000RP.
  • 7 Seven – Groceries
  • Idea Furniture – Furniture Items
  • Gym – Lift weights here to earn strength points.
  • Civil Service Office

Certain stores are closed on certain days of the week. Touch the smartphone icon at the bottom right of the screen -> Run the calendar app -> You can check the weekly progress, current day of the week, store information, events, etc.

NPC guidance in the Citampi story

There are many NPCs in the Citampi Stories game. The first tip here is to start building friendships or relationships by interacting with all of them every day and gaining communication points. Tap the smartphone icon in the lower right corner and open the “C” Citampers app. This app lists NPCs you have interacted with so far. Tapping on an NPC will display the relationship status. As you continue to interact with NPCs, the gauge of the relationship bar increases and you can earn Hearts + Gifts from NPCs.

Tips for improving your relationship with NPCs

There are several ways to improve your relationship with NPCs in the Citampi Stories game. –

  • Help them by completing quests
  • Interact with them every day
  • Give them a gift item every day (drag the gift item to the NPC from your inventory). If you still have debt, don’t gift it

Get quests from NPCs

Interacting with NPCs regularly increases your chances of receiving quests. Approach the NPC -> Tap the (?) symbol -> Help -> Answer yes to accept the quest. You can check your quests in the Messages app. Tap the smartphone icon -> SMS App – at the bottom right. You can find quests offered by NPCs. For example – this is the first quest you can get by interacting with Mrs. Lela. She will ask you to work as the Net Cafe Guy in Zone 2. Return to her after the task and press the Help option to confirm that the quest is complete. Completing NPC quests will improve your relationship with them. If you don’t see the help option, look for another NPC. Citampi Story Guide Tips Cheat Walkthrough

Find NPCs in the Citampi story

NPCs change positions from time to time. The best way to find NPCs in your Citampi Stories game is to use the Citampers app. Tap the smartphone icon in the lower right corner -> Open the “C” citampers app -> Tap the NPC to open your profile -> You can see the location under the name. For example – Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Joey Stake, Streetwear in the city, etc.

Alternatively, you can call NPCs. Smartphone icon -> Phone app -> Call NPC -> Tells you where you are if you have interacted with it before or have a sufficient relationship. Rejected calls mean that you haven’t built a good relationship with them. Interact with NPCs, give gifts, and develop relationships. Citampi Story Guide Tips Cheat Walkthrough

Giving gifts to NPCs

Gift items can be purchased from the Tatang shop in Area 1. He sells flowers, perfumes, dill, watch necklaces, cosmetics, women’s magazines, shoes, wedding rings and more. Go to area 1 -> tap Tatang’s shop -> buy items with RP. We recommend that you do not spend RP on this item unless you have already paid off your debt. When you purchase an item, you can view it in the lower inventory box. Offer gifts by dragging them from your inventory and dropping them onto NPCs. You can give x1 gift items daily to certain NPCs.

Tips for Earning RP in Citampi Stories

RP is the default in-game currency for Citampi Stories games. You need RP to send loans to parents, buy items, bikes, and more. Here are some tips to earn RP in Citampi Stories games. –

  • get a high paying job
  • Fishing and selling fish to Tatang. You can read our fishing guide here.
  • Pick up trash to get items and sell them for RP.

Get a job at Citampi story games

You can find job boards in Zone 1, Zone 3, and Zone 4. Tap on it to view the job vacancies. Some low-paying jobs such as hawkers, school guards, net cafe men, etc. are available from scratch and require no experience. For high-paying jobs, you should improve your stats and bring those clothes. You can read the Citampi Stories working guide here.

Tips to increase your character’s stats

Your character has 4 stats. Communication, strength, intelligence and luck. Communication, strength, and intelligence are the three main stats you need to improve if you want a high-paying job.

Luck is one of the best stats in a Citampi Stories game. Raising the Luck stat increases the chance of obtaining high-quality items such as grass and coins from garbage bags/cans/boxes, rare fishes by fishing. Here are some tips to improve your luck, communication, strength and intelligence stats in Citampi Stories. –

  • Communication – Interact with all NPCs every day. Use mirrors in the warehouse to communicate.
  • Strength – Go to the gym in Zone 3 and do some weight lifting for strength points. Work out in the warehouse.
  • Intelligence – Get it by studying in the warehouse. Visit the Net Cafe and use your computer to get an intelligence score.
  • Luck – Get lucky by picking up trash and fishing.

If you have enough points, your stat level will go up. Tap the smartphone icon at the bottom right -> Tap the character app (between the heart and C icon). For example – you can grind 25 lucky points to increase your luck stat level from 0 to level 1.

Pick up trash and get items from the Citampi story

“Gloves” are required to collect garbage on the street. The glove item is given when you receive a heart from Tatang. You need x10 relationship points to win a heart from him. Each interaction with him gives you 1 relationship point. Give him a gift so he can improve his relationship quickly. Once you get the heart, a cutscene will start where you can get the gloves. After putting on the gloves, look for shiny objects in all areas. Depending on your luck, you can get items.

The energy of the Citampi story

Every action requires energy. Profession, gym, exercise, fishing, etc. You can eat food to replenish your energy. For groceries, go to a smallmart or 7 Seven. Drag food items from the bottom inventory to the character on the screen to consume them. Or go to the warehouse -> sleep -> replenish energy and proceed to the next day.

Tips and Tricks to Pay Off Your Debt from the Citampi Story

Here is a quick strategy for beginners. Immediately after moving to the city of Citampi: –

  • Don’t spend RP on gift items in the first place.
  • Get a job (low-wage jobs are available from the beginning)
  • Interact with all NPCs in all regions – every day
  • Save RP, buy clothes from the city’s streetwear store and get a high paying job. For example – a flannel shirt for a lunchtime worker, a temporary teacher – 15RP per hour. Buy only after meeting the statistical requirements.
  • Go to the gym or net cafe to quickly increase your intelligence and strength stats. Get a high-paying job as soon as possible.
  • Don’t gift items to NPCs in the first place.

Smartphone app guide

Touch the smartphone app at the bottom right ->

  • Phone – Call the NPC to get their location.
  • Calendar – View store information, the date the loan is due, the current date, and more.
  • Gallery – Your moments with NPCs are stored here.
  • SMS – Quest Information
  • Online Shipping – Instantly and automatically move. With this app, you can visit your home instantly. With Premium, you can visit any location instantly.
  • Map – Check the area and NPCs
  • C Citampers – Profiles of all NPCs, relationships with you, hints, locations, and more
  • Characters – Check out your character stats here.
  • Dating App – Relationship Status; single, married, pregnant
  • Shopping – IAP
  • Bulb/Hint – Tutorial
  • Settings – Game Settings

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That’s all in this post about Citampi Stories guides and tips for beginners. After paying off the debt, she starts dating a girl in Si Thampi, asks for a date, proposes -> gets married -> becomes pregnant and has a child. Any more tips? Please leave a comment below.

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