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If the chrome freezes, it closes or your page stops responding. You definitely need Chrome Cleaner and you will find the Google Chrome cleaning tool to be the best application for this purpose. The chrome cleaning tool was previously known as chrome software removal tool . It is a small-sized tool that instantly scans and removes software that causes problems in Chrome, such as locks, startup pages, or unusual bars, unexpected ads. You can download the Chrome cleaning tool for Mac, Windows or Android systems. It is safe to use the Chrome Cleanup tool.

  • License
  • Free
  • OS
  • Windows / Mac / Android
  • Language
  • English
  • Latest version
  • October 15
  • ] Version
  • 6.42.0
  • File Size
  • 3.75 MB
  • Developer
  • Google

Overview of the Google Chrome cleaning tool

If I'm wondering, how do I get to the Chrome cleaning tool? ? Or how do I remove Chrome malware? Then you came to the right place. Here you can download a clean copy of this tool.

  Google chrome cleaning tool

The Google developer has developed this tool specifically for the Google Chrome browser. If your Google Chrome is running slowly or is causing a high CPU or disk usage problem. Then you may have unwanted software or malicious activity / malware on your PC. Other symptoms include;

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  • ? Pop-up ads and new tabs that will not disappear
  • Without your permission, your Chrome homepage or search engine keeps changing
  • Chrome extensions are installed unwanted or toolbars keep coming back
  • Navigation was hijacked and redirected to unknown pages or ads
  • Alerts about a virus or infected device

Then you must download the Chrome Cleanup Tool for Windows 10/8/7 for 32 or 64 bit PC. When you download the Chrome cleaning tool, it quickly scans your PC and removes any detected software.

This tool focuses mainly on unwanted software, malware, malicious software and adware extensions that run automatically without your approval.

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This tool is very easy to use, simply download it and then double click on it to execute the configuration. A new window will appear initiating the scanning process. Depending on your computer, the scanning process will take some time to complete the initial process.

Upon completion, it will show you the number of malicious programs and ask for your permission to remove the malware. Those who ask about how to uninstall the Chrome cleaning tool.

This tool has a special function when you run this tool, it will be scanned and deleted, but then it will be automatically removed from your PC. So, do not be surprised when you do not see this tool after removing the unwanted software.

This tool is a must for all PC users. If your chrome browser shows suspicious signals, you must run this tool. This tool is also available for mac and android platforms. It is a completely secure utility.

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Since the Chrome Cleanup Tool version was successfully removed following the suspicious programs:

  • BrowseFox [19659003] ] PullUpdate
  • Vitruvian
  • V-Bates
  • SearchProtect
  • SupTab
  • MySearchDial
  • Information about parts of parts of parts of objects / parts of parts of objects / from the parts of nature: & ValueApps
  • Wajam
  • Multiplug
  • Shopper Pro
  • Stormwatch
  • SmartBar [19659] [nombre]
  • [Búsqueda]
  • ] PriceFountain
  • Techsnab
  • Colisi
  • BrApp
  • LuckyTab
  • OneCall
  • Crossrider
  • Eozo

  • Consumer Input
  • Content Defender
  • Movie Dea

Check your computer for malware (Windows)

If by chance this tool does not run on your PC, then Google Chrome also has a alternative. . The latest version of Chrome also has a built-in mechanism for finding suspicious or unwanted programs on your PC. If Chrome detects them, you can easily remove it.

But you should only use this step in case the Google Chrome cleaning tool does not work.

For the use of Windows PC, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. In the top right, click on these three points  More will appear a drop-down list here. Click on Configuration .
  3. At the bottom of the configuration, click Advanced option .
  4. Once again, at the bottom you will see the option "Restore and clean", click Clean computer .
  5. Click Find ] and start looking for harmful software. It will take some time, so wait for it to complete.
  6. When finished, you will be asked to remove the unwanted software, so click Delete .
  7. Now restart your computer, if requested. [19659079] To remove Chrome malware on Mac, follow these steps.
      1. Open Finder.
      2. On the left, click Applications .
      3. Look for any program that you do not recognize. [19659003] Right-click on the name of any unwanted program.
      4. Click Move to Trash .
      5. When finished, right click on Garbage . [19659003] Click Empty Trash .


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