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If Chrome keeps freezing, it will close or the page will not respond. You definitely need a chrome cleaner and you can find Google Chrome cleaning tool which is the best app for this purpose. The Chrome cleanup tool was formerly known as the chrome software removal tool. It is a small-sized tool that instantly detects and removes software that causes Chrome issues, such as crashes, unusual start pages or toolbars, and unexpected ads. You can download the Chrome Cleanup tool for Mac, Windows, or Android systems.

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  • Free
  • Windows / Mac / Android
  • Language
  • English
  • Latest Release
  • 15 Oct 18
  • ] Version
  • 6.42.0
  • File Size
  • 3.75MB
  • Developer
  • Google
  • Google Chrome cleanup tool overview

    How can I get the Chrome cleanup tool? Or how do I remove malware from Chrome? Then you came to the right place. You can download a clean copy of this tool from here.

      Google Chrome cleanup tool

    Google developers have developed this tool specifically for the Google Chrome browser. If Google Chrome runs slowly or experiences high CPU or disk usage problems, then your PC may have unwanted software or malicious / malicious activity.

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    • Pop-up ads and new tabs do not disappear
    • Chrome homepage or search engine keeps changing
    • Navigation is stolen and redirected to an unfamiliar page or ad
    • Warning for virus or infected device

    32-bit or 32-bit for Windows 10/8/7 Download the Chrome Cleanup Tool for 64-bit PC. Download the Chrome Cleanup Tool to quickly scan your PC and remove any discovered software.

    This tool primarily targets unwanted software, malware, malware, and adware extensions that automatically run without your permission.

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    This tool is very easy to use just download and double click to run the setup. A new window appears to start the scanning process. Depending on the computer, the scanning process may take some time to complete the initial process.

    When finished, mark the number of malicious programs and request permission to delete malicious code. Users asking about removing the Chrome Cleanup Tool.

    Running this tool will search and delete, but it will be automatically removed from your PC later. If you do not see this tool after uninstalling unwanted software, you do not have to be surprised.

    This tool is required for all PC users. You should run this tool if you see suspicious symbols in your Chrome browser. This tool is also available for Mac and Android platforms.

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    After deleting the suspicious program since the Chrome Cleanup Tool release:

    • BrowseFox [19659003
    • Vitruvian [19659002] V-Bates
    • SearchProtect
    • SupTab
    • MySearchDial
    • SaveSense
    • Price Meter
    • Sputnik / Guard
    • Conduit Toolbar, Community Warning & ValueApps
    • Wajam
    • ] Multiplug
    • Stormwatch
    • SmartBar
    • SmartWeb
    • MySearch123
    • AdPea
    • Etranslator
    • CouponMarvel
    • PriceFountain
    • TechSnab
    • Colice
    • Brick
    • LuckyTab
    • One Call
    • Cross Rider
    • Eorezo

    • Consumer input
    • Content defender
    • Movie Dea

    Make sure your computer has malware (Windows)

    If this tool does not run on your PC, google chrome has a different method. The latest version of Chrome has a built-in mechanism to find suspicious or unwanted programs on your PC.

    This step is only necessary if the Google Chrome Cleanup Tool is not working.

    For Windows PC users:

    1. Open the Chrome browser.
    2. Click on the top three  More and click the drop down list .
    3. At the bottom of the settings Advanced option.
    4. The "reset and clean up" option is displayed at the bottom again Computer Cleanup .
    5. Find Find] and will start a harmful software check. It will take some time to complete.
    6. When you are finished, click Uninstall because you are prompted to remove any unwanted software.
    7. The computer will reboot. [19659079] To remove malware from Chrome on a Mac
        1. Click Applications on the left side of Open Finder
        2. .
        3. Locate an unrecognized program. [19659003] Move to Trash
        4. When done, right click Trash at the bottom. 19659003] Click Empty Trash .

    Download here

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