Chinese customers are firmly supporting Huawei after Google pulls Android license

Huawei had its Android license cut by Google over the weekend thanks to an order from the US government. UU But Chinese users seem to be gathering around the company, with social media posts on Weibo and Douyin showing great support for Huawei, according to What's On Weibo .

The debate over Huawei and national security returned to the spotlight over the weekend, when, as part of a US government order. UU., Google revoked Huawei's Android license, which cuts the company's phones from most of Google's applications and services. It's a minor problem for users in China, since almost all Google services do not work in China anyway, but the move is much more problematic for Huawei's efforts to expand beyond its Chinese customer base to places like Europe and the United States.

According to What's On Weibo & # 39; s report, Chinese customers post in support of Huawei with statements that they will continue to use their Huawei phones or that they will buy their next device of the company in the future. Hashtag campaigns for "Huawei does not need to trust America for its microchips" (# 华为 芯片 美国 美国 供应 链 #) and "Huawei's own development operating system, Hong Meng" (# 华为 自 研 研 蒙 #) We also made trends on Weibo, noting that Huawei already develops many of its own components for its phones, as well as the internal operating system that Huawei has been developing for this type of circumstance.

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