China suggests Trump switch to Huawei after reports of iPhone tapping

Yesterday The New York Times released an explosive report claiming that a Chinese spy on Trump's personal, insecure iPhone was eavesdropped. How did China respond today? Washington Post

Chunying, often an official spokesman and deputy director of the information department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said, "If they worry about children being very tapped, they can use Huawei" Lunarin . According to Hua South China Morning Post the report of NYT was rejected as "fake news". "

In addition to the suggestion that Trump will use Huawei's phone, the United States government essentially invites the Chinese giant to do business in the United States. It is barbaric in the context of freezing in. Earlier this year, the CIA, FBI and NSA chairman warned US citizens about Huawei's use of their products, and AT & T decided to release the company's Mate 10 Pro flagship phone at the last moment of political pressure. "data-upload-width =" 2040 "src ="×1360/1200×0/filters: 50% (19659006) Huawei has long been a member of the Chinese government, and has been a member of the Chinese government for many years. It is founded by Ren Zhengfei, a former People's Liberation Army technician, and the private ownership structure is entirely opaque. A serious connection with the Xi administration will be surprising given well-written neglect of the citizens' privacy. 19659007] However, Huawei is providing infrastructure and consumer devices to nearly all of its major US ally, and the United States is still warning. For example, the UK government has established and oversees UK cyber security facilities dedicated to finding backdoors for Huawei products Still a lot of me Edward Snowden's leak shows how the NSA has been watching Huawei over the years.

If Trump decides to stick to the advice of China, Vlad Savov will be able to see Huawei's latest model Maybe worse than reading a review of the Mate 20 Pro, perhaps he will forgive the various software shortcomings.

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